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29 Apr 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: MAJOR LEAKS - All Rumors, Leaks, and Confirmed Changes Ahead Of Season 13

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: MAJOR LEAKS - All Rumors,
Leaks, and Confirmed Changes Ahead Of Season 13

Could this mysterious Reddit user know all the secrets for the next episode of Fortnite?

We are almost a month away from the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, which was sadly delayed an additional month a few weeks back.

Epic Games has stepped up their game as of late, with the release of patch V12.50; it appears they are finally listening to the community.

Now, it appears a Reddit user has all the details about what is going to go on next season.

Let's take a closer look!

Reddit User

According to Reddit user InfinityFartDev who posted a screenshot of a now-deleted Reddit post detailing some very juicy leaks ahead of the new season.

The post was a highly debated topic on the Fortnite Reddit since it was posted, as a lot of players did not know what to believe.

Check out the full list of alleged changes coming to Fortnite with the new season.

agency 1

NO MORE - The Agency is a highly talked about topic on the Reddit post!

  • "Agency will turn into a Plaza, will have a blue telephone booth where players can change their in-game skin
  • Sky Diving will be in the game
  • You can choose challenges from the Plaza, skydiving challenges, boat racing challenges, parkour challenges, Quad challenges and More
  • The theme will be water
  • Sharks will be in the game and rideable
  • Female Black Knight
  • Female Dark Voyager
  • The engineer is Midas's sister and has a massive bird back bling
  • Robot Meowscles
  • The next secret battle pass skin is Aquaman
  • Major collaboration with DC Comics
  • Shadow wins the Agency
  • You can design your own Umbrella
  • Elemental fire damage
  • Buildings will catch on fire
  • Fireflies, possible DC Skin
  • A fishing book
  • Flaregun item"

One Confirmed

Since this was a leak by a random Reddit user, a lot of people took this list with a grain of salt.

However, with the newest update that was released today, it appears that this Reddit user may be onto something after all.

leak booth

QUICK CHANGE - How will this mechanic work?

Tweeted out by avid Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey, they were able to get into the game files and uncover the telephone booth that players will be able to change their skin with.

This was the first leak that the Reddit post described and it also relates to the leaked posters going to be showing up around the map.

Thes featured Sharks which was also a talked about change coming to Fortnite!

Whether or not the rest of the leaks throughout the Reddit post pan out to be true is still up in the air. But for now, this is all that we have to go off of!