Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Skins: Aquaman, Black Manta, leaks, rumors, news, & more about Season 13

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The latest season in Fortnite's saga was set to release at the end of the month, but a recent delay has extended Chapter 2 Season 2.

Despite the extension of the current season, the hype around Season 13 is slowly but surely starting to amp up! With the current season being stale for some players, hopefully, Season 3 is one for the ages.

New skins are bound to be released next season, so what can we expect next time around!

All Leaked Cosmetics

HYPEX was able to reveal all of the skins and other cosmetic videos ahead of the season release.

Check them out below!

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Skins 2
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Owl Skin?

In an official tweet posted by FortniteStatus, it appears the new season is going live at 2:00 am EST!

Along with the announcement of when downtime is going to begin, they also teased a new Owl skin!

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HYPE - 9 more hours!

*UPDATE* Black Manta Skin?

A file that was seen within the game files a few weeks ago was discovered by FNBRHQ, who noted the resemblance to Black Manta.

Perhaps alluding to some of the new skins we are going to be getting this season, along with the Aquaman one!

Blank Manta 1
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SWEET - New skins!

Level 100 skin?

Ghost 1
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TOUCH OF GOLD: Midas was this season's tier 100 skin!

The final skin in every season's battle pass is typically the best skin to come from every season. Over the past, Epic Games has released some of the best skins of all time as the tier 100 skin.

Classics such as John Wick and Omega are some of the most recognizable skins Fornite has ever seen. Rewarding the player for grinding all season long to reach the end of the battle pass.

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As of now, we have no indication of what kind of tier 100 skin we are going to get yet. However, if they are anything like past seasons, we are in for a wicked skin!

Seasonal Skins?

mexican fortnite skins
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CINCO - Could we get some more Cinco De Mayo skins?

Seasonal skins have always been a massive part of Fortnite's item shop since the release of the game. This past season we have had St. Patricks Day skins and we are expected to get some easter ones as well!

With no true holidays between the start of season three and when we expect it to release, there are some doubts we will get new seasonal skins next season.

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The one hope is Cinco De Mayo, there are already some themed skins around this holiday. Perhaps we are overdue for some new ones.

What Else?

oro skin
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GAME ON - Could we see Renegade Raider in the item shop?

Epic Games recently announced their new Icon Series and with the release of the Ninja skin and other cosmetic items into the item shop.

Be on the lookout for more creators getting their own personalized skin in Fortnite. Popular streamers such as Tfue, Dr. Lupo and TimTheTatman could be getting their own skins in Fortnite soon!

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Aquaman Confirmed?

The below image was the second teaser as apart of the new Fortnite season.

Many players have suspected this is the same trident held by Aquaman!

Trident 3
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SWEET - Who doesn't love new skins!

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