Fortnite: All Cars Coming To The Game – Medium, Heavy and More!

Players will be able to get around the map a lot quicker with the addition of these vehicles!

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Car Stats 1

We are nearing the halfway point of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, and we are about to get some big changes.

Cars were teased during the opening trailer of the new season, but we have had no news since.

Now, we know a sure-fire date for when they will be in the game along with the stats of each.

Here is all we know!



According to Fortnite data miner @iFireMonkey, Cars are set to be useable in Fortnite very soon!

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In fact, as soon as July 21st rolls around – player’s will finally be able to ride around in cars.


Since there are going to be different varieties of cars in Fortnite, some are going to be better than others.

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Tweeted out by @iFireMonkey with all the stats of the cars via @HYPEX; here are all the different cars and how they vary!

Large Car 1
Medium Car
Small Car 1

Which one do you think is going to be the best? They all seem to have their advantages and disadvantages.


Since these are cars after all, they are going to need fuel.

Gas Stations are going to be located all over the map, and the Gas Hose stats can be viewed below via @iFireMonkey.


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