Fortnite Patch V13.40 – Patch Notes, CARS, Map Changes, New Weapons? Joyride Update Full Details!


Epic has finally released the long awaited patch V13.40 across all platforms!

This might be the final update for Season 3, as the next season is only a few weeks away.

Now, we can finally take a look at all the new content within this update!

Here we go.


Patch Notes

Although Epic has not posted official patch notes on their website since Season X. They have sent out some minor ones to creators.

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Notable Fortnite data miners such as HYPEX and iFireMonkey posted some images of the email they received hours before downtime.

Below is all the new changes coming this update, along with an image of the email they sent out!

Patch Notes 1340 1
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NICE - We can't wait to drive!


It has been a long time coming, and after an initial delay; Cars are finally making their way into Fortnite.

This was confirmed a few days ago, and Epic have not stopped posted images of the upcoming cars!

Below is an image posted by FNInformation, which details all the specs behind the four Cars in Fortnite.

All Cars
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NICE - Which one are you most excited about!

Epic has also tweeted out all the posters you see in the image, so a lot of effort is being made about these Cars.

Bug Fixes

iFireMonkey posted an image of Fortnite's Trello board, which notes all of the bug fixes being implemented this patch.

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One of the more notable ones to be fixed is the dreaded 'Slow Glide' bug, which has been in the game for 75 days now!

1340 Bug Fixes 1
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REJOICE - No more Slow Glide!

Radio Stations

Along with the addition of Cars in this update, they are also adding radio stations!

This is going to be awesome to jam out to a tune while hitting the road in Fortnite.

Other Notes

Along with the implementation of Cars, there are a few noteworthy changes coming to the game.

These include:

  • Party Royal appears to be getting a lot of additions in the coming weeks!

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