Fortnite How to Use Cars! - Controls, Roads, Car Types, JoyRide Update and More!

Fortnite Season 4 is almost here, and cars are as well.

Let's go over the best cars on release, when we can expect them, and how to control them.

Full Controls

Below is an in-game image of the controls while in one of the Fortnite Cars!

Car Controls 1 1
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The standard controls are as follows:

  • Mouse 2 = Honk
  • Space = Powerslide
  • L-Control = Switch Seat
  • L-Shift = Boost
  • E = Exit

JoyRide Update

Fortnite has announced the JoyRide Update on Twitter!

Fortnite JoyRide Update
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COULD IT BE?: It looks like cars are finally making their way to Fortnite

We expect it will finally bring cars to the game, and you can read over those cars here:

We will receive the update on 5 August.


We can expect the controls of cars to be similar to that of the buggies in Chapter 1 Season 4.

fortnite cars
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CUSTOMISE YOUR RIDE - Will we get skins for the cars similar to weapons?

This was over two years ago now, so players may be rusty with how these functioned.

The buggy had a few mechanics other than driving like a standard car.

The main feature players had to learn with the buggy was the drift. This would allow players to gain boost to travel fast along the ground, as well as in the air.

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We hope cars have the same mechanics and controls as these buggies, as it adds a level of skill to the movement.

Spawn Locations

We can expect cars to spawn all of the map.

This includes large and small POI's on the map, as well as road side cars.

If you're looking for a car, you'll likely find them at the larger "city" POI's like Lazy Lake, Sweaty Sands and Pleasant Park.

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Unfortunately, there will probably be a very limited number of vehicles, to limit the number of players zooming around the map.


Unsurprisingly, cars will likely function best on the trails and roads on the Fortnite map.

fortnite vehicle rotation map
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SEASON 4 MAP - How will the map change for the release of Season 4?

Above, you can see a map created by twitter user @flicky_tuber. This outlines all the major roads across the Fortnite map.

You'll probably want to stick to these roads in the cars as they'll probably struggle to climb the larger hills and mountains located around the map.

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However, this can be fairly predictable, so it may be good to take the off-road route occasionally.

Car Types and Stats

We know there will be a range of cars to use ranging from small cars, SUV's and trucks.

These will each have different stats for strength and speed, making your choice of vehicle quite important.

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Trucks will have much more health but will be slower and harder to manoeuvre, whereas the smaller vehicles will be quick and nimble, but will have little health.


The truck that is coming with the new update is called "Mudflap"

fortnite mudflap new vehicle
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Above, you can see the artwork showcased on the Fortnite twitter page.

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We can't wait to get our hands on this beast, as well as all the other cars coming in the v13.30 update.

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