Fortnite Summer Splash Event: Release Date, Rewards, Leaks, Rumors, New Weapons, New Items and More!

The legendary event is back once again for Summer 2020. Here’s all you need to know for the event!

Nick Farrell by Nick Farrell
14 Days of Summer 3

With the current Fortnite season, Season 13 being one of the best in quite some time, there isn’t a lot to complain about thus far.

With this season taking up the entire Summer, players are well equipped to deal with the flooded map for several months.

The Epic Games staff is taking their annual leave soon, so we may be in store for another event!

Here’s all we know about the Summer Splash event.


What Is It?

Fortnite’s Summer Splash event is a concept that was implemented last year during Season 9.

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This was a string of two weeks when all Epic Games employees took their Summer breaks, so with no one in the office they planned 14 days of content.

Each day consisted of brand new challenges, LTM’s, a one day weapon unvaulting and new cosmetics in the item shop.

Similar to Winterfest, this event was one of the best Epic has ever pulled off!

Bottle Rockets 1
POP – The Bottle Rockets was one of the new items!

When Is It?

This year, Epic has announced they will be leaving the offices from July 3-12 , so we will see the event soon!


Once the files get uploaded into Fortnite, we will be made aware of all the challenges.

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Expect the same as last year, which was a new challenge everyday along with rewards for completing specific amounts of challenges.

Battle Pass 6
REWARDS – We hope there are some epic ones this year!



As noted above, we expect some free rewards to become available to players similar to last year.

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Last year we were able to unlock the Peely Smoothie backbling and a few other rewards!


Players can expect new skins in the item shop everyday, and all of them will have a Summer spin similar to last year!


Although we have seen a lack of LTM’s over the last couple of seasons, we expect this to change in the coming weeks.

Who knows what kind of wacky modes Epic has up their sleeves.

Rig 2
FORT – What is your go to landing spot this season?

New Weapons

Hopefully, Epic unvaults one weapon for 24 hours once again. This was one of the best features from last year.

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