*UPDATED* Fortnite: Leaked Floppers and New Fishing Rod Coming Soon - News, Rumors and More!

Fishing was the major mechanic introduced during the release of Chapter 2; and it has seen an array of mixed results.

As of now, there are only two types of Floppers that players are able to fish, so it can be pretty boring.

However, it appears an ample amount of leaked Floppers and even a new Fishing Rod are coming soon.

Here's all we know!

Latest News - New Flopper details?

FireMonkey Fortnite Intel shared some new flopper details over Twitter.

image 3
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These appear to show more information about the upcoming additions to the fishing element of the game. See below for the thread, which seemingly highlights some different types of floppers, and where they can be found.

image 4
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The following fish are seemingly found anywhere in the map.

image 5
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This section concerns itself with the more mountainous areas.

image 6
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Head over to the swamps or forests to find some of these guys, including a yellow slurp fish and a Drift Firefish.

image 7
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Looks like the coastal areas will have some fish that are only available at night, like the Black Slurpfish.

image 8
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Leaked Floppers Images

We finally have our hands on some more Flopper information!

fortnite season 14 leaked floppers hypex
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FLOPPERS - Will the introduction of more Floppers change the Meta?

Above, is an image leaked by twitter user @Hypex. This image shows us Floppers we may see in the future.

Although we don't know of any plans to add these yet, there is a possibility we'll see these added sooner rather than later.

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It'll be interesting to see how each fish affects the player, and how this changes the meta.

Old Leaks

Only a week after the season initially released back on June 17th, leaker HYPEX revealed some massive information.

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In this set of leaks, HYPEX revealed there was an ample amount of Floppers found in the files.

Check it out below.

Leaked Floppers 1
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FISH - Cannot wait to see these!

Among these were some pretty questionable additions; such as the Fire Flopper and Jelly Flopper.

These fish have yet to be added into the game but maybe in the next patch.

New Fish

As of this past week, it appears there is a new set of Floppers added into the game,

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Check out the new ones below!

Leaked Floppers 2
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BATTLE? Will this fish have a shotgun?

Yet again, these have not been added into the game yet; but perhaps next patch?

Fishing Rod

Since we are getting all of these new Floppers; it also appears we are getting a new type of Fishing Rod to catch all of these with!

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HYPEX notes this is called the 'RodPro' and will be some sort of advanced Fishing Rod.

Fishing Rod
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CAST - Wonder how this rod will work?

Release Date

As of now, we do not know when these leaked Floppers and new Fishing Rod will be in the game.

Our bet is that Epic may add them into the game next patch!

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