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04 Aug 2020

Fortnite: New Mudflap Vehicle! - Truck, Release Date, Best Rotations, Other Cars!

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Other Cars

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Release Date

Fortnite Season 3 brought some awesome changes to Fortnite, including the flood that arrived at the start of the season.

It seems Season 3 hasn't finished delivering as of yet, as we'll be getting some new vehicles later this week.

Read more below on the recently leaked "Mudflap" vehicle, as well as more cars like Whiplash!


The new "Mudlfap" vehicle has officially been announced on the @FortniteGame twitter!

fortnite mudflap new vehicle

MUDFLAP - This is the new truck coming with the new update!

This teaser comes just a few days before the release of cars in the game. We can't wait to see how they function in game.

We know there will be a host of vehicles that all have different stats and handling. This means your choice of vehicle is very important.

We currently know of one other vehicle called "Whiplash". This is expected to be the fastest of all the new vehicles.

Other Cars

The "Whiplash" art can be seen below. This was first shown off on the Fortnite twitter a few days ago.


CARS - Which other cars will we be getting in this update?

We know there will also be other cars like taxi's and police cars, but these haven't been shown off yet.

We can expect to get our hands on these new vehicles very shortly!

Release Date

Fortnite announced these vehicles will be added to the game on Wednesday, along with the v13.40 update.

fortnite vehicle rotation map

ROADS - Above, you can see the usable roads, which we'll be utilising in the new vehicles!

This will bring a host of welcome changes to the game.

You'll need to update your game before you can get your hands on the new cars, so spare some time for that!