Fortnite FPS for next-gen Consoles? - Current FPS, Next-Gen Capabilities, Customisation and More!

Fortnite will be releasing on next-gen later this year!

Will these new systems bring a host of changes to Fortnite? Or will we get some simple graphical updates? Either way, we're excited!

FPS is a big factor when it comes to competitive gaming, so what can we expect for Fortnite?

What is FPS?

FPS stands for Frames Per Second. Put simply, this is the amount of times the players screen refreshes a second.

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AQUAMAN - Unfortunately, you can't unlock the Aquaman skin anymore!

A higher FPS can give players a competitive advantage with smoother gameplay and faster reactions but at the cost of graphics.

In a competitive game like Fortnite, you'll typically want a high FPS to get the advantage over another player.

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With the next-gen consoles releasing later this year, everyone wants to know the FPS we'll be getting on the new hardware!

Current Fortnite FPS

Fortnite's current FPS is dependant on the console/system you play on, as well as the hardware of your system.

If you're playing on console (Xbox One and PS4) your FPS will be capped at 60. Meaning you won't be able to get any higher than 60 Frames per Second.

Luckily, for those on PC, you can reach an unlimited FPS.

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However, you'll likely get your frames between 144 - 280 depending on the hardware and graphics you're using.

Next-Gen Capabilities

The next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X and PS5) will be incredibly powerful when compared to the current consoles.

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MARVEL - Which is your favourite Marvel character in Fortnite?

We can't wait to see the graphics that are possible on this new hardware.

However, will these consoles give you a competitive advantage?

Microsoft have already said they want to reach at least 120 FPS on their new system and we can expect similar numbers from the PS5.

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This isn't quite on par with current PC systems, but its a massive improve upon the current consoles.

Customisable FPS?

On PC, you're able to choose your maximum FPS and customise the graphics settings to tailor to your needs.

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We hope this feature comes to the next-gen consoles, possibly allow us to choose between 30, 60 and 120 FPS.

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