Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Week Four Challenge Guide – Full Guide, Rewards, How To and More!

Another week means a new way to earn a massive amount of XP! Here are the next set of challenges

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Week Four Challenges CH2S4

Chapter 2 Season 4 has implemented an ample amount of changes so far.

The first patch of the new season has finally arrived!

Now we are looking ahead to next weeks set of challenges.

Here they are!


Full Challenges

It appears Epic is following the same model that they used since the beginning of Chapter 2.

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Each week of challenges will offer something different from the last, and we will get new challenges every week until the season ends.

Typically, the weekly challenges are leaked weeks in advance by Fortnite data miners.

iFireMonkey posted the challenges, which you can view below!

Week 4


Do not fear, Epic is not going to let you complete all of these challenges for nothing.

Players will be able to earn around 25,000 XP for completing each challenge, as well we can expect other rewards.

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