Fortnite: How to Sign up for the Dreamhack Online Open! - Platforms, Regions, Scoring and More!

Fortnite's competitive tournaments are hotting up with this new DreamHack Online Open.

The best of the best from around the world will play against each other for a prize pool of $250,000!

Luckily, you can play too! Here, we cover how you sign up and compete for the prize.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for the DreamHack online open you'll need to head over to the Epic Games website.

The specific page can be tricky to find, so we've linked it here!

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Click on the register, and enter your details including platform and account information.


This tournament will feature all platforms, so don't worry if your playing on Mobile or Switch, you can still enter!

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PEELY - Fight against Galactus with the Marvel characters in Season 4!

Unfortunately, you will be competing against all other platforms while on mobile and switch, so you do have a competitive disadvantage.

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For those on PC, you'll be able to use M&K or controller, so play with the input you prefer.

Regions and Scoring

The DreamHack Online Open tournament only covers the NA East, NA West and Europe regions.

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For those in Oceania, Asia and South America, you, unfortunately, won't be able to participate in this tournament.

The scoring works in a similar way to most other tournaments held in Fortnite (e.g. Cash Cups).

Each Elimination will gain you 5 points, with each placement above 50 giving you an extra point.

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This increases as you get higher placements with a Victory Royale giving you 7 points.

Next Steps?

If you get through the heats, congratulations!

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POINTS MAKE PRIZES - Compete against the best in this new tournament!

You'll need to be in the top 750 players in this tournament heat to advance to the next stage!

You'll then play in the Grand Qualifier against 1500 players, (750 from each heat).

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The times for each heat and finals can be found on the DreamHack site here. You'll also find any other helpful info on this site.

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