Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: How To Unlock Wolverine – When, Challenges, Release Date, Week One and More!

This seasons not so secret battle pass skin is not available yet. But should be very very soon!

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The latest season of Fortnite has finally released all over the world.

The new Marvel-skins are among the best they have ever made and there is a secret one as well.

Wolverine is seen all over the battle pass but it can be tricky to unlock him.

Here’s how to do so!



Like Aquaman last season, Wolverine will be unlocked through challenges.

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These challenges are not all available right away, as Epic is going to make you wait a while before getting your hands on Wolverine.

There are a total of nine challenges for Wolverine, and you will need to complete six in order to unlock the skin!

Week One Challenges

The first Wolverine challenge is as follows;

  • Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks (3)
Challenge Screen min
EASY – No worries to get this skin!

Release Date

You will be able to access to Wolverine skin in 35 days!

So, on October 1st, 2020 is when you will see Wolverine around the map.

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