Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Black Panther Outfit! - Battle Pass content, Season Item Shop, Marvel skins and More!

Chapter 2 Season 4 is finally here!

We can finally get our hands on a Thor, Iron Man and Wolverine skin! But will more Marvel skins release later in the Season?

We believe Black Panther will release in the Item Shop, here's why!

Battle Pass Skins

At tier 1 of the new Battle Pass, you'll unlock Thor and some other cosmetics like a glider and pickaxe.

fortnite marvel season 4
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MARVEL - Which character can we expect to arrive mid-season?

As you progress, more characters will become available like Groot, Storm, She Hulk and more!

The Battle Pass ends with the Iron Man outfit, which looks amazing!

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However, will we get more Marvel skins in the Item Shop?

Black Panther?

Black Panther is a fan favourite character from the Marvel universe.

We hope this character will come to the Item Shop, similar to the Captain America skin, which also didn't feature in the Battle Pass!

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we do know of a location coming in Season 4, which seems to be Black Panther themed!

Panther Monument POI

A recent tweet from @HYPEX shows a new location coming later in the Season.

fortnite season 4 panther monument
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HYPEX - head over to HYPEX twitter for the latest leaks!

This pretty much confirms the Black Panther cosmetic coming to Fortnite!

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This means we will be getting skins mid-season, so what other characters are Epic releasing in Season 4?

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