Fortnite: How To Eliminate Stark Robots At Quinjet Patrol Landing Sites! Location, Guide and More

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We are jumping into a brand new season of Fortnite, and this time around it is Chapter 2 Season 4.

Now with the first set of weekly challenges released, there are a few tricky ones!

Here's how to eliminate Stark Robots.

Quinjet Patrols?

These new patrol ships are a brand new addition to Season 4 and VastBlastt has noted the following about them:

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NICE - Can't wait to find them!

We assume these will function sorta like Marauders did this past season, and we will have to search the map for them.

Stark Robots


Iron Man's robots seem to be patrolling these ships all over the map.

The challenge will require you to eliminate only five of them, but do not underestimate them.

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