Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: NOW LIVE - TRAILER OUT! Map Changes, Battlepass, Patch notes, End Event, Everything else about Season 2!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is now live!

With the new Season up and running, the official trailer is finally here!

Keep reading to watch the new trailer for Season 2 and find out all the latest news on the season 2.


The official trailer for Season 2 finally dropped! Check it out below.



The long awaited official Battle Pass trailer is finally here! We can get a sneak peek as to what we can expect to see.




New Weapons!

Battle Pass image 1
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NEW WEAPONS - Some classic weapons return this season!

Some eagle-eyed players have noticed some new weapons throughout all of the trailers that have been leaked in the coming minutes before the season. Some of the new weapons players have spotted are:

  • Trip Mines
  • Grenade Bombs
  • Blue Silence Assualt Rifle

Also, it has been confirmed by @HYPEX that the Burst SMG will be making a return along with some mysterious-looking grenade item!

image 2
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BOOM - New grenade for the BR mode?

EPIC Games are yet to give us full patch notes - however, players are now putting together what has happened this season!

image 3
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These are the only weapons that appear to currently be vaulted!


FINAL teaser revealed! Teaser four!

teaser imagine
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ALMOST THERE - We are only two percent away from completing the face!

In a tweet posted by Fortnite data miner @HYPEX, we can get a better sense of the final teaser for now. Earlier today we started with a simple golden palm, which has been seen all across the world; and now we almost have a full face that is similar to Chaos Agent!


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It is unknown as of now what this image is actually going to be, but we know it is almost in its final form.

At the bottom of the screen, we can see 98%, meaning we are only 2% away! Be on the lookout tomorrow or even later tonight as Epic Games could unveil the final image!

It appears we can also see more background images, as they have started to become clearer and we can identify what seems to be a brand new area!

New location leaked!

New Arwa
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HELICOPTERS? - Who else can spot the helipads in the background!


Noted by popular Fortnite Twitter user @FNBRHQ, there seem to be some hidden images in the background of the new teaser image.

As we can see the full background has turned into a new section of the Fortnite map, and some eagle-eyed fans have spotted some unique aspect of it already.

Origin - Teaser three!

The latest Fortnite tweet and the third one today uncovered another part of the cryptic message that was posted earlier today.

Now, the word “Origin” has been revealed, now there are only two other phrases that need to be revealed before the phrase is complete!

Perhaps this is further relating to the golden palm we have been seeing all over the world!

Teaser 3 1
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FREAKY - Is the Choas Agent Returning?


Transmission intercepted! - Teaser Two!

Epic Games has released the second teaser ahead of the new season, coming off the back of the social media changes, this one appears to be far more substantial!

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The next teaser that was posted by Epic Games was an official tweet; with some sort of cryptic message underlying it all. The focal point of this tweet is the phrase “Transmission Intercepted” and again the gold palm icon is present.

Perhaps, this could mean there is going to be some operation taking place on the map for the season-ending event?

The blurred out text in the tweet could be revealed as the days go on, so be sure to keep your eyes out!

fortnite teaser 2
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CRYPTIC – What could this mean?

When does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 start?

In a statement released by Epic Games earlier this week - Chapter 2 Season 2 has been delayed until 20th February.

Image result for fortnite chapter 2
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EPIC - The new map has brought some HUGE changes


Epic Games had this to say in their latest update to the community in response to the delay:

“Beginning with the release of the 11.50 update in early February, Fortnite will be moving to Unreal Engine’s Chaos Physics Engine.”

Excitingly, switching to the "Chaos physics engine” allows a build to collapse if it gets shot or exploded, rather than just disappearing.

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This could have a huge effect on next season's theme!

However, it seems this was not to be! As the new Season of Fortnite will now be taking place in February!

How much will the Battle Pass cost?

Although there was heavy speculation into whether or not Epic Games is going to implement an "Annual Battle Pass" system next season.

Image result for battle pass fortnite
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EXCITING - The countdown for the Battle Pass trailer is on!

We can assume that they are not going to yet, as official Epic Games personnel have stated they are holding off on this for now.


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So, for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 or Season 12 expect the same price of 950 Vbucks for the battle pass. Which equals out to around $10 USD, and players will more than likely be able to opt into the Battel Pass Bundle.

The latter will cost 2800 Vbucks and will reward you with 25 tier of the Battle Pass to start!

What's the new theme going to be?

The evolution of Fornite Battle Royale really has been something spectacular to witness, with so many new additions, changes and events that the community has been apart of.

Image result for fortnite black hole
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The Blackhole that changed the Fortnite world forever


Season X saw the Fortnite world as we know it gets quite literally swallowed by a black hole and disappear, for only Chapter 2 to commence.

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Chapter 2 brought back the simplicity that so many fans had been asking for - after ten seasons all the new additions that had been brought to the Battle Royale had all became overwhelming and far too complex.

Previous themes!

  • Season 1 - Theme = NONE
  • Season 2 - Theme = Medieval
  • Season 3 -Theme = Space
  • Season 4 - Theme = Super Heroes
  • Season 5 - Theme = Worlds Collide
  • Season 6 - Theme = Halloween
  • Season 7 - Theme = Winter
  • Season 8 - Theme = Pirates
  • Season 9 - Theme = Future
  • Season X - Theme = Time

Chapter 2

  • Season 1 - Theme = New World
  • Season 2 - Theme = ?

Could Chapter 2 Season 2 see the theme of Content Creators? With the famous Mixer streamer Ninja having been rewarded his own skin, is there now the possibility that we see Season 2 be the season of IRL Fortnite players.

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Ninjas very own Fortnite Skin

How good would it be to see a Timthetatman or a CourageJD Skin! Earthquake warnings, please.