Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Is An End Event Coming Soon? Season 3 Start Date, Map, Weapons, Latest News & more

Fortnite's current season is currently in its home stretch, Chapter 2 Season 2 was a much-needed improvement from recent Fortnite seasons.

No over-powered weapons or broken items have been a massive sigh of relief for the players.

During the conclusion of Chapter 2 Season 1, we did not receive any sort of season-ending event like we typically do.

The only event that has taken place thus far on this map is the Star Wars one back in December.

Since we are long overdue for an event, could we be getting one soon?

Continue below to find out!

Season Ending Event?

As of now, no Fortnite data miners have been able to uncover any juicy information about the outcome of the season-ending event, or whether or not there is going to be one.

Team Shadow 1
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WAR - Could the two agencies go to war?

Many fans and players thought there was going to be some sort of event centred around the "mine" nestled close to Misty Mire.

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To our disappointment, there was no event at the end of last season which was rather strange for Epic Games. Perhaps they needed a break of events after the four day Black Hole event from Season X!


For those who do not know, the theme of Chapter 2 Season 2 has been the ongoing battle between the Ghost and Shadow factions.

Team Ghost vs Team Shadow
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CLASH OF THE TITANS - Ghost versus Shadow could be an event for the ages!

The battle pass skins all have their different variants and there is even the new LTM called the Spy Games happening right now!

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So, one can assume that these two factions are going to play a pivotal role within the season-ending event.

Perhaps the tension between the two gets so intense an all-out war springs into action. Causing chaos and desolation on the Fortnite map!

Any Other News?

Unfortunately, we are out of updates (or really any details regarding the season-ending event yet).

Choppa 2
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VEHICLES - Is Fortnite going to add a tank?

However, we will be sure to keep our eyes peeled in the meantime in case something pops up!

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