Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Wishlist - 7 things we want to see from Fortnite Season 13!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is right around the corner.

The Doomsday Event is set to bring a lot of changes to the Fortnite Map.

Table of Contents

Here's our wishlist for the new Season as well as some changes we want to see to the meta, weapons and movement!

New Shotgun

The shotgun meta hasn't changed too much over the last season.

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SPRAY AND PRAY - The Auto Shotgun added a new way to take down enemies at close range!


Due to Fortnite's core mechanics, the game has become largely close-quarters combat, so changes to how this part of the game plays would be welcome.

We may see the return of the Auto or Combat Shotgun to spice things up at this close-quarters range.

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The Combat Shotgun was introduced at the start of Season 9 and gave us a fresh feel to combat.

POI Changes

There's no doubt we'll see some major POI changes due to the Doomsday event.

fortnite season 3 The Agency
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AGENCY - It is likely the Agency will be destroyed at the end of Season 2!


In this event, the map is supposed to flood, so the lower points on the map are likely to be submerged.

There are also talks of Tilted Towers returning, but this is unconfirmed.

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We'll have to wait for the new season and Doomsday event to see what will happen to the locations in Fortnite.

Vehicle Changes

We saw the addition of the "Choppa" in Season 2 as well as the boat in Season 1.

fortnite chapter 2 season 3 shark water
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SHARK IN THE WATER! - Sharks would give us a new way to navigate the map!


This gave us easy ways to rotate around the map and get to locations a bit faster.

However, the map still feels very big with little rotational tools.

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There have been leeks of a new Shark vehicle which would be welcome if a flood is imminent!

Movement and Utility

As mentioned above, there are only a few rotational tools in Fortnite.

Epic has added the Jump Pad for better movement, but it still feels like you spend a lot of time running to the next zones.


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The addition of "Glider Redeploy" would make this much easier, as well as Bounce Pads just for the additional boost when you need it.

In-Depth Challenges

Challenges give the player something to aim for rather than just wins and kills.

If we get some great challenges this season, players will have an abundance of targets to aim for.

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There are usually more challenges added towards the end of the season, so we hope these add some extra things to do.

Meta Changes

We've previously mentioned the addition of a new shotgun to change up the meta.

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VISIT THE COAST - New Points of Interest will change up the way players move around the map!


We hope this changes up the way people play the game!

As well as this, the removal of overpowered weapons like the Drum Gun would be very welcome.

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Epic can give Fortnite a massive overhaul with this new season, and really improve the Quality of Life of the game

Patch Notes

Finally, we would love it if Epic would include patch notes with each update.

Epic stopped doing this at the start of Chapter 2.

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The return of patch notes would allow players to know all the changes of the new season without having to play the game.