FIFA 23 PS4: All you need to know about BRAND NEW innovations coming to the game

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FIFA 23 is now confirmed to be the last in the football series to be produced by EA and FIFA.

However, before the companies go their separate ways, we should be in for the biggest and best FIFA yet!

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Read on to find out all the latest information we know about FIFA 23 on PlayStation 4.



Although many innovations coming to the game are for next-gen consoles only, there are still plenty of new features users on older models can get stuck into.

Career Mode in FIFA 23 has been shown lots of love, with Player Personality, Playable Highlights and Authentic Managers introduced.

These should give a fresh new feel to the mode and let you interact with it in ways you haven't before.

Check out the Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer below to get more in-depth information on the innovations.

Release Date


As confirmed during the reveal trailer, FIFA 23 will be fully released on Friday, 30 September.

Pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of the game will gain you early access from Tuesday, 27 September.

Some will be able to access the game sooner than that via a possible Beta or Demo, and then the Web App.

Pre Orders

With FIFA 23 fast approaching, you can now pre-order all editions of the game.

Pre-Orders went live on Wednesday, 20 July at 12pm ET / 5pm BST.

As always, by pre-ordering the game you will gain some additional benefits, depending on what edition you go for.

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FIFA 23 on PS4

FIFA 23 will be released on PS4, EA has confirmed.

Dual Entitlement will also be available, so there is nothing to worry about if you do manage to snag an elusive PS5 console!

Xbox One X Console
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OLD MODEL - Your FIFA needs will still be catered for even if you haven't gone next-gen

There are some new features that can only be experienced on the next-gen consoles, however, the main gameplay modes and bulk of the content will be similar across both generations.



Cross-play testing is currently LIVE in FIFA 22, so unsurprisingly EA has confirmed that it will feature in FIFA 23.

For now, cross-play will only be for players playing across the same generation of console.

Cross-play will also be available only in 1v1 game modes including Online Friendlies, Seasons, and Ultimate Team.

Read more about FIFA 23 Crossplay.

Game Modes

The following game modes have been confirmed to feature in FIFA 23:

COMING SOON - World Cup game modes have been CONFIRMED!!
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COMING SOON - World Cup game modes have been CONFIRMED!!

A World Cup game mode featuring the men's and women's tournaments has also been announced, with EA saying:

"We are committed to ensuring the next FIFA is our best ever, with more features, game modes, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions, and players than any FIFA title before."

More information will follow in the build-up to both tournaments.

Official Reveal Trailer

You can watch the FIFA 23 reveal trailer as soon as it goes live, below: