FIFA 23 VOLTA - All the new features you need to know about

The FIFA 23 VOLTA reveal trailer showed off some exciting new features, but how do they fare now the game has been released?

Find out everything you need to know about the game mode below, and what you can expect when you play it in FIFA 23.


VOLTA has often been described as the ugly duckling when it comes to FIFA game modes, with the FIFA Street style mode not quite catching on as EA may have hoped.

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CHOOSE YOUR STYLE - VOLTA has endless customisation options in FIFA 22

A host of live updates and new features were added to VOLTA throughout FIFA 22, with the mode not really moving the needle.

With FIFA 23 being the latest in the FIFA franchise, this may be the last chance for VOLTA to impress before EA Sports FC takes over.

What is VOLTA?

VOLTA Football acts in a very similar way to FIFA Street.

It's a game mode in which players can showcase their skills in both online and offline competitions.

With a host of live updates added through FIFA 22, VOLTA certainly wasn't discarded by EA last season, but it's yet to reach the levels of success compared to modes like Ultimate Team.

VOLTA has the main benefit of being totally unique to any other mode in FIFA, but it feels like it needs more if it is going to take off in FIFA 23.

New Features

Take a look at the new features in VOLTA this season below.

  • VOLTA Arcades: New and upgraded games bring improved crowd audio, new props, bigger stadiums, dynamically coloured balls, an under-foot timer, and new sound effects to dial up the entertainment in the VOLTA ARCADE.
  • Gameplay: Reworked VOLTA gameplay brings a raft of improvements to street football that dial up the flair and variety from match to match. Play on new XL pitches with bigger nets and more time on the ball, enjoy improved and polished signature abilities, unleash your flair with new skill moves like the ball roll cut and heel fake, along with a reworked skill meter that rewards team play and more responsive dribbling.

VOLTA Pitch Notes

Keep in mind that along with improvements to Arcades, Squads, Stadiums, and Signature Abilities, you can now level up your Pro Clubs Pro as well as your VOLTA Pro by playing matches solo or with friends.

New and upgraded games give you more ways to battle it out against friends.

Improved crowd audio, new props, dynamically coloured balls, new sound effects and more bring more excitement each time you step into Arcades.

There are six new Arcade Games:

  • Dribble King
  • Obstacle Course
  • Foot Golf
  • Battle Buckets
  • Capture the Ball
  • Four Squares

New XL stadiums and customisation options have also been added in FIFA 23.

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