FIFA 23 VOLTA: Everything you need to know about the skill-filled mode

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FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a host of exciting new features set to be announced in the coming months.

With game modes like Ultimate Team and Career Mode set for some TLC, we think it's the divisive mode VOLTA that could be set for the biggest facelift in FIFA 23.

Check below for everything we know about VOLTA in FIFA 23.

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VOLTA has often been described as the ugly duckling when it comes to FIFA game modes, with the FIFA Street style mode not quite catching on as EA may have hoped.

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CHOOSE YOUR STYLE - VOLTA has endless customisation options in FIFA 22

A host of live updates and new features were added to VOLTA throughout FIFA 22, with the mode not really moving the needle.

With FIFA 23 set to be the latest in the franchise with EA Sports as the developer, this may be the last chance for VOLTA to impress.


What is VOLTA?

VOLTA Football acts in a very similar way to FIFA Street.

It's a game mode in which players could showcase their skills in both online and offline competition.

With a host of live updates added through FIFA 22, VOLTA certainly wasn't discarded by EA, but it's yet to reach the levels of success compared to modes like Ultimate Team.

VOLTA has the main benefit of being totally unique to any other mode in FIFA, but there will need to be some big improvements if the skill-based mode is going to take off in FIFA 23.

New Features

Last year, EA added a host of new features to VOLTA, including an Arcade mode, signature abilities and an all-new skill metre.

These new features certainly took VOLTA to the next level, and we're expecting FIFA 23 to develop further on these innovations.


Taking VOLTA back to its FIFA Street routes could be the way to go, with nostalgia always being a winner amongst gamers.

World Cup VOLTA?

It's been confirmed that the World Cup mode will be arriving in FIFA 23 in conjunction with the World Cup taking place in Qatar.

This confirmation has got us wondering whether a brand new World Cup mode to VOLTA football could light up the mode like never before.

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IT'S COMING HOME - World Cup mode returns to FIFA 23

Similar to the mode in FIFA 10 World Cup that allowed you to steal certain players after a victory, VOLTA could allow you to face different international sides before pinching a player to become part of your squad.

Either way, the possibilities are endless for VOLTA in FIFA 23.


FIFA 23 Release Date

With the next game such a long way off we won’t see an official release date for many months, but we always have a rough idea of when the game will arrive.

FIFA 22 was fully launched on Friday, 1 October 2021, so if EA follows the same trend, then Friday, 30 September 2022 could be our release date for FIFA 23.