FIFA 23 Crossplay - All Platforms and Game Modes EXPLAINED

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After being trialled in FIFA 22, EA has brought cross-play to FIFA 23!

It has been rolled out across multiple game modes but works slightly differently in some instances - such as the Ultimate Team Transfer Market.


Here is everything you need to know about cross-play in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Cross-Play

EA confirmed the arrival of cross-play in FIFA 23 during the reveal trailer, hyping up the arrival of the much-anticipated feature.

In a statement EA said the following:

Play together against friends on different platforms as FIFA 23 introduces cross-play for players on the same platform generation. Connect with friends and play in 1v1 modes, including Online Friendlies, and in FIFA Ultimate Team™ in FUT Play A Friend.
Plus, compete against players on different platforms in Online Seasons, FUT Online Friendlies, FUT Rivals, FUT Champions, and FUT Online Draft to help you to get into your next online match more easily than ever before.

The arrival of cross-play across multiple game modes was music to the ears of FIFA players, but there are some notable exclusions.


Cross-Play Game Modes

The compatible game modes for cross-play are:

  • Online Friendlies
  • Ultimate Team
  • Online Seasons

Unfortunately, cross-play has not been introduced to Pro Clubs, with the most sociable mode missing out.

Compatible Platforms

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S Stadia, and PC versions of FIFA 23 are all cross-play compatible.


PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be cross-play compatible with one another.

Old generation consoles and current generation consoles will not be compatible for cross-play.

FUT Transfer Market Explained

With cross-play introduced in FIFA 23, the Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be populated in a slightly different way.

There will be three different grouping pools, with PC having their own separate market to trade with other PC users, and Switch doing the same.

That means that PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox X|S and Stadia users will all be using the same Transfer Market Player Pool in FUT, despite next-gen consoles not interacting with older models in online matches.

You can read more about cross-play in the FUT Transfer Market here.