FIFA 23 - Fans SPLIT following tough start to this year's game

FIFA 23 Lloris

FIFA 23 Lloris

FIFA 23 hasn't exactly had the perfect start to life, and that difficult period will be put to the test, with fans starting to rate this year's game out of 10.

Plenty of debate has been had over the value of this year's game, but the initial results don't look promising for EA Sports.

Fans rate FIFA 23 out of 10

A single Tweet from DonkTrading has set the FIFA community alight, inciting debate about the pros and cons of FIFA 23.

Asking fellow Twitter users to rate this year's game out of 10, there were some interesting results, with a clear pattern of frustration woven throughout the FIFA community.

The Good

It's worth noting that not every FIFA fan is overwhelmingly frustrated with this year's game, with plenty of responses offering fair and balanced debate.

Some users offered FIFA 23 a respectable 8.5 out of 10, not far from what we awarded the new game in our official review.

The gameplay received many nods as most FIFA players accept that it's the best we've seen in a long time.

However, a lot of players voiced their anger at a recent update which has seen previous metas - like the lengthy archetype - lose their shine.

This Tweet below wasn't the only one of its kind, with many preferring the way the game felt and played at launch.

The update was a major talking point and it appears to have upset many FIFA 23 players, but there were some responses that clearly weren't happy, regardless of the game's stage.

The Bad

A lack of communication was something cited by many as a reason for rating FIFA 23 so low, with prominent FIFA content creators like NepentheZ also highlighting this.

There were some, however, that described FIFA 23 as "shockingly bad", with gameplay not enough to claw back some of the obvious flaws.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has certainly offered a suitable dumping of content on a daily basis and it appears that has also led to criticism, with some arguing that the sheer amount of daily releases makes it impossible to keep track of.

Either way, it's clear that a number of FIFA 23 players are unhappy, but not everyone was so fair in their criticism...

The Ugly

EA Sports, look away now, as these next replies don't make for good reading.

Whilst giving FIFA 23 anything less than a 5 out of 10 does seem abhorrent given the amount of work that goes into creating the best football game on the market, these ratings below are reflective of an angry and frustrated community.

Ultimate Team's market has been dead for some time this year and there looks to be no immediate remedy.

Instead, fans are starting to notice negative trends that could see FUT get even worse, and that's cause for great concern.

Ironically, there are those that complain about a lack of content, or maybe a lack of meaningful content.

One criticism regularly found was with EA's communication with their community, and FIFA 23 certainly isn't the first edition in which this has been raised.

EA would probably accept that they need to do more to appease their community, with many of these replies proving that the FIFA 23 community is anything but happy.

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