FIFA 23 - Content creator gives fans a voice amid EA communication DISASTER

FIFA 23 Cristiano Ronaldo

FIFA 23 Cristiano Ronaldo

FIFA 23 has been out for a little more than 2 months, but the community is already turning to EA Sports with pitchforks and frustrations.

In a time when the gaming community is growing exponentially, EA's lack of communication with its players has become a major problem.

YouTuber and content creator NepentheZ is leading the charge for better communication, with the FIFA community on the brink of collapse.

FIFA 23 Community Anger

EA has never been the best listener and this missing quality is about to play massively to their detriment.

YouTuber and content creator NepentheZ took to Twitter to voice his displeasure about this year's game, citing poor content and terrible communication as two main sources of frustration.

This thread of anger has been prevalent for some time in the FIFA community and it now looks to have reached a crescendo, with

In a rant on stream, NepentheZ spoke to how EA has 'killed my enjoyment of this game', a sentiment that is felt widely amongst the community.

In truth, it's hard not to see how EA has made a rod for their own backs, with the amount of content being added making FIFA 23 feel bloated and confusing.

Communications Disaster

The communication between EA and its community has been exceptionally poor in recent years, with the anger from the Pro Clubs community following its omission from cross-play compatibility exemplifying this fact.

With basic mistakes being made and a number of glitches plaguing FIFA 23, it's fair to say that the popular franchise is smouldering, rather than going out in a blaze of glory.

We spoke recently about the perspective of EA needing to be more open with its community upon the arrival of a new franchise - EA Sports FC - in 2023.

EA Sports FC logo
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FRESH START NEEDED - Faith will need to be restored when EA Sports FC launches

Everyone wants EA to succeed and produce a game that reflects the desires of the community, but the tag of EA Sports is once again carrying negative connotations, and this will condemn EAFC to a terrible start before it's even begun.

Right now, the chasm of trust and faith is too wide to cover and players will start to turn away if things don't improve.

Whilst FIFA 23 showed so much promise in its new gameplay innovations, the same old problems, lazy implementations and radio silence on the major issues have made this year's FIFA yet another imminent PR nightmare for EA Sports.

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