FIFA 23: Community OUTRAGED at new FUT Chemistry system

The implementation of an overhauled Chemistry system in Ultimate Team has been one of the biggest talking points ahead of FIFA 23's full release.

FIFA fans have been left scratching their heads, wondering why EA decided to change the Chemistry system which had worked perfectly well for years.

The community has taken to popular FIFA forums on Reddit and Twitter to express their feelings about FUT 23's Chemistry system...

FUT 23 Chemistry Explained

Without an overall squad chemistry, each player now has a maximum of three chemistry points.

Players can earn their three Chemistry Points by having players of the same Nationality/Region, League and Club in your Starting XI.

Players may only add chemistry points when played in their preferred position in the starting XI, and they will contribute to others when the same criteria are met.

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NO LINKS - Players can boost chemistry from all over the pitch

Adding players to your Starting XI of the same Nationality/Region, League and Club will earn Chemistry by reaching thresholds.

Here's how it works:

1 Chemistry
2 Chemistry
3 Chemistry
2 Players
4 Players
7 Players
2 Players
5 Players
8 Players
3 Players
5 Players
8 Players

You will only need one additional player from the same Club or Nationality/Region to unlock the first point of Chemistry.

Matching both Club and Nationality/Region will gain 2 Chemistry.

Overcomplicated System

The overriding criticism of the new FUT Chemistry system is that it's just too complicated, especially for the casual player.

Popular FUT content creator, Jake Barford says he feels like he's back in math class trying to figure out how the chemistry works in FIFA 23.

With no links, you'll need to work out how many players from the same league and nation are in your team, as well as work your way around the new position modifiers.

This can be quite the task when trying to relax and enjoy some casual FIFA in your limited spare time.

Hybrids Made Hard

EA sold the new Ultimate Team Chemistry system to FUT players by informing them that it would be easier than ever to build their dream XI.

However, it seems as though the new system has, in fact, done the opposite and made it more difficult to build multiple league squads.

One FUT fan took to Reddit to express his feelings. The post below explains that in the past, strong links between two players in certain formations could be used to instantly provide maximum chemistry.

The 4-5-1 formation was the most popular in FUT 22 as players could exploit the isolated full-back and midfield positions to easily get full chemistry on the cards operating in the wide positions with a single green link.

However, this can no longer be done in FIFA 23. Due to the way in which cards earn chemistry points, the maximum number of leagues in most squads will be three.

So, creating a four-league hybrid in FUT 23 is virtually impossible with the new Chemistry system, unless you use several players off-chem.

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