FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has been taken over by the World Cup content, with Season 2 kicking off with the Path to Glory promo.

Part of the celebrations has included a new World Cup Swaps system, which requires you to use WC Player Items from specific nations to gain most of the Tokens.

This has thrown up some issues when needing to use Qatari players, however, there is an easy way to get around this!

Check out how to get these hidden packs that not only offer WC Players but also other top rewards in FUT 23.

Qatari Player Problem

When the first bunch of Objectives dropped for the World Cup Swaps they looked pretty simple to complete.

You needed to score with a player from a specific nation in any FUT game mode to unlock a pack of six WC Player Items from the same nation.

Those six players would then allow you to hit the requirements for Objectives that need completing in the new Live FUT Friendly: FIFA World Cup Swaps.

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ON THE LOOKOUT - Qatari players have proved hard to find

However, an early issue people ran into was scoring with a Qatari player!

This was because they had only just been added to the game and all are WC Player Items, which can't be sold and bought on the Transfer Market!

The only way you could get a Qatari player was through certain packs, and if luck wasn't on your side, you could end up with none!

If you think you've expended all your options and still haven't packed a Qatari player, there could be one place you haven't looked...

FUT Moments

A new feature in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is FUT Moments, where you complete short tasks against the computer with certain requirements to earn Stars.

You can then redeem these Stars to gain rewards, which are mainly packs but could also be player picks and other consumables.

This looked like a great addition when announced, however, the majority of users felt like it was a waste of time after trying it out upon release, and haven't ventured back to the Moments tile since.

Yet, after the Season 2 refresh to the rewards, you should definitely take another look, because there is some great stuff on offer!

World Cup Rewards

One of the best additions after the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 2 refresh is the WC Players Packs.

Not only does this let you dig for those elusive Qatari players, but it will also help you reach Level 10 on the End of Event Rewards, getting you better prizes!

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MASSIVE GAINS - The more WC Player Items you get, the better your rewards

There are WC Players Packs for specific tournament groups, with one containing players from Group A and B, another Group C and D, and so on.

If you still haven't got a Qatari player, make sure you get the 10 Stars needed to unlock the WC Players Pack Group A & B, as that is where you could find some.

FUT Moments Best Rewards

The WC Players Packs aren't the only top rewards on offer at the moment, with a selection of our favourites as follows:

  • 0 Stars - WC FUT Hero Player (loan)
  • 10 Stars - WC Players Pack (Group A/B)
  • 10 Stars - WC Players Pack (Group C/D)
  • 10 Stars - WC Players Pack (Group E/F)
  • 10 Stars - WC Players Pack (Group G/H)
  • 15 Stars - WC Players Pack (1x 85+ Rated Player)
  • 15 Stars - 81+ Player Pick 1 of 3 (repeatable x3)
  • 33 Stars - Small Rare Gold Players Pack
  • 65 Stars - 11x 81+ Rare Players Pack
  • 70 Stars - 83+TOTW Player Pick 1 of 3
  • 80 Stars - 85+ Player Pick 1 of 2

Now is a great time to cash in for some of the player picks and higher rarity packs, as there are plenty of special cards around that you could hit!

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