FIFA 23 Career Mode: BRAND NEW Features Revealed

FIFA 23 is not far away, and the latest reveals have been peeling back the curtain and showcasing the brand-new features set to arrive in this year's game.

The most recent reveal comes in the form of Career Mode, with some major changes arriving to both manager and player career.

Check below for everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Career Mode's brand-new features.

Career Mode NEW Features

EA has announced some exciting new additions to FIFA 23 Career Mode, with Player Career certainly seeing plenty of TLC.

We've got all the news broken down and explained, with Career Mode set to take FIFA 23 by storm.

Playable Highlights

In Playable Highlights, you take control of key moments in matches in an attempt to define their outcomes, specifically handling close calls that impact the scoresheet while leaving the rest of the match to be simulated by the match engine.

As a manager, you can choose to play all of the highlights or only the attacking ones by allowing the simulation to decide the defensive outcomes.

As a player, you can opt to only take part in the highlights that directly involve your pro.

The FIFA 23 menus have been completely redesigned for Career Mode.

Players can now move faster access to your areas of interest.

More contextual information will also be showcased, such as your squad depth, the players whose contracts are about to expire, or the most promising players in your Youth Academy.

Dynamic Moments

Dynamic Moments is a collection of cinematics which will accompany your progression throughout the Career Mode experience in both Manager and Player Career, with the aim of making your journey more immersive and memorable.

There are seven bespoke Dynamic Moments you can experience in your Career, each of them tied to various achievements or events.

Pre-Season and Save File Changes

Pre-season tournaments have been changed in FIFA 23, with an updated format and more accurate scheduling being a main feature.

Save Files changes have also been made, allowing players to create up to 17 unique Career Mode save files.

Manager Career

A host of new changes have arrived in manager career, with the full list detailed below:

Play as a REAL Manager

FIFA 23 enables you to play as one of the 350+ authentic football managers, of which 30+ have star heads (authentic face scans), in Career Mode.

Upon selecting the manager of your choice, you can customize their outfit and decide on the club they’ll be in charge of.

You have the option of continuing to build a legacy at an authentic manager’s current club, pick a different club, or even create a new club for the manager.

Transfer Analyst

The Transfer Analyst will assess the financial and squad impact of your transfer business in FIFA 23.

There are five different ratings that the Transfer Analyst can provide for the financial aspect of your transfers, ranging from A (for high quality business deals) to F (for deals that financially don’t make too much sense).

The Transfer Analyst helps you to improve your negotiation skills by showing you how close you were to the selling club's minimum acceptable fee.

The closer you are, the higher rating you'll get, and you'll immediately know if you've done as well as you could have once the player joins your club.

The Transfer Analyst will assess the new player’s impact in the squad by comparing their overall rating to your most relevant options in the same position.

Each time you sell a player the Transfer Analyst will look at the current players in the position of the departed player to determine if you have a solid replacement, if you could still use a backup option, or if you have a highly promising talent in the current squad that can become a future star.

Budget Breakdown

Financial control is a big aspect of managing a club and that will be reflected in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

You can now see this information broken down to help you plan your finances and make sure you have enough money in the bank to pursue your targets.

The toggle between Transfer and Wage Budget has also been removed.

You will still be informed about how your budget translates into weekly wage, as that information will still be used when agreeing personal terms with players.

Player Career

Player Career has seen some of the most impressive updates in FIFA 23, with a swarth of changes set to make this often-forgotten mode one of the very best in this year's game.

The changes include:

Player Personality

Performing certain actions on and off of the pitch you will gain Personality Points that will accumulate and expand your personality, giving you access to benefits and perks.

Your behaviour and decisions on the pitch will be closely monitored by the Player Personality system.

For example, every time you decide between connecting with a teammate or keeping the ball a little longer to set up the shot for yourself will shape the kind of player you are.

These kinds of decisions contribute to three distinct personality types:

  • Maverick
  • Virtuoso
  • Heartbeat

Every Personality Point you earn is connected to a different Personality.

For example, passing to a teammate to earn an assist can generate Heartbeat points, while shooting, gives you Maverick and Virtuoso points.

When you reach the final tier of Player Personality, you can reach an Absolute level that will give you even more benefits and help you to make your mark as a player.

Off-Pitch Activities

Off-Pitch Activities allow you to further shape your Player Personality outside of matches and training.

The activities include:


Decisions appear contextually and as a consequence of things you do either on the pitch or off it.

Decisions can include responding to things that are beyond your control.

For example, if your team has won a cup final, you can choose to take the credit, be humble or praise your team spirit - all of which will impact your player personality.


Investments allow you to potentially multiply the money you’ve earned in your career.

Some Investments are riskier than others and as you progress in a career and gather more funds, more Investment opportunities will become available for you.

Investment activities include clothing brands, mobile apps and dealing on the Stock Market.


You can choose if you want to purchase things that will help you grow as an athlete, such as sports equipment, or add a bit of glamour to your life by buying something flashy and grandiose

You will be able to hire staff, participate in charity events, and much more. As you grow financially you will get access to more items, services and events that will allow you to improve your Personality, improve Attributes, and expand your collection.

All of these additions serve to make FIFA 23's Career Mode potentially the best yet.

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