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FIFA 22 End of an Era: More INCREDIBLE cards being released before the season wraps-up

The Shapeshifters promo has taken over from the Team of the Season in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but that doesn't mean the End of an Era cards are going to stop coming.

In celebration of a player's longevity at a club and performances over a number of years, EOEA versions see massive boosts handed out to some legends of the game.

Check out all the latest news and rumours around the End of an Era cards below.

Latest - Blistering Bale

Gareth Bale is the latest man to gain an End of an Era card in FIFA 22 after a trophy-laden spell with Real Madrid has come to an end.

His EOAE version is absolutely insane, with 96+ base ratings in pace, shooting, passing, dribbling and physicality.

Check out how to unlock his new card right here.

Release Date

Although not specifically a separate promo, EA announced that during the last week of the Team of the Season event, End of an Era cards would be coming regularly.

This started at the same time the Ultimate TOTS squad was released, at 1pm ET / 6pm BST on Friday, 10 June.

It looked like the EOAE content would slow down after that special week, however, the cards have kept coming, and we could see many more released before the end of the FUT season!

End of an Era

With quite a few leaks coming for End of an Era cards, it looked like an EOAE promo event was going to land in FIFA 22, similar to the Showdown Series that dropped earlier this season.

However, it turned out that we wouldn't be getting a dedicated End of an Era event, with card releases piggybacking on the TOTS promo.

That didn't change the content we were thinking would come if an EOAE promo was released, as regular SBCs were released and a couple of top cards were made available via objectives.

The SBCs are set to continue past the TOTS conclusion, with many more top stars in the running for an EOAE version before the end of FIFA 22.

EOAE Cards

So far, the following players have received End of an Era cards during the Team of the Season promo:

We have seen a few End of an Era cards leaked, some went on to make it into the game, such as Jermain Defoe and Adebayo Akinfenwa, but others didn't appear.

That means we could still see EOEA cards come for:

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