FIFA 22 FUT Player Days: The promo could return soon with BIG discounts

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We're currently getting our teeth sunk into Fantasy FUT Team 2, with Icon Swaps 2 Set 2 objectives also taking up our time.

Now, it's time to look to the future and make some predictions as to what promo could be up next in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team calendar.

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FUT Player Days may see a return, so find out all you need to know about the event right here.


Release Date

In an unusual turn of events, the leakers have been very quiet on what the next promo could be in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

At the moment, Fantasy FUT is set to end on Friday, 1 April at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, but we are no closer to knowing what will take its place.

One idea that has been bandied around for a while is FUT Captains, which would see upgrades given to FUT Heroes cards, although that keeps being a non-starter.

Around this time last year we had the What If promo, however, that looks to have been replaced by Fantasy FUT, as both events used very similar upgrade systems for live cards, so we would be surprised to see it follow Fantasy FUT if indeed it returns at all.


It is too early in the calendar for the annual Team of the Season promo, which leaves a blank spot in the FUT event diary.

That means it could be likely that FUT Player Days makes an appearance soon, possibly on Friday, 1 April, although it has landed on a Monday before.

With that in mind, we could see FUT Player Days pop up anywhere between Friday, 1 April and Monday, 11 April, although it should come at the usual promo time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

FUT Player Days

The FUT Player Days event was first previewed in FIFA 19 and has returned each year since.

Unlike with other promos, where new boosted players are introduced into the game around some kind of theme, FUT Player Days rewards the FUT community with all kinds of goodies.

fifa 21 ultimate team player days
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COMING SOON? -We could see FUT Player Days revealed next in FUT22

Free gifts, promo packs, discounted packs, SBCs and objectives will be the order of the day, and we could see a special 'Best Of' release too.

The 'Best Of' release may just be the top players involved in Team of the Weeks throughout the season, or it could feature some of the best releases in all promos so far, so get ready for that!



Like we've said, this isn't your usual promo event, so it won't necessarily be players we're predicting to see.

The event will likely kick off with a free gift, rewarding players for how often they logged in to Ultimate Team throughout the season.

Last year saw a tiered system, which rewarded players as follows:

  • Tier 1: 1-60 days - Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • Tier 2: 61-115 days - Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Tier 3: 116-137 days - Rare Mega Pack
  • Tier 4: 138-141 days - Ultimate Pack
fifa 21 ultimate team free gift
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ON THE HOUSE - Make sure to claim your free gift

Expect there to be daily SBCs released throughout the event, which will often be quick-fire, with a limited time to complete them.


2-for-1 packs are also a recurring theme, although they have been limited to the community in the past, so if you want one you will need to act fast.

Discounted packs (both on coins and FIFA points) will surely return too, but again, these will likely be limited, this time a set amount per account.

We are hoping for a new special squad to be released, something similar to a 'Best of TOTW', which would feature all the top-rated performance cards from the season so far.