FIFA 22 TOTY: Looking back at the first ever Team of the Year from FIFA 12

Team of the Year is drawing closer in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and it has thrown up a Tweet that's a bit of a blast from the past.

The first Team of the Year was in FIFA 12, and players that made the cut 10 years ago are still relevant now!

Take a look at the squad below, as we reminisce about some of the greats of the game.


Getting caught up in all the Team of the Year excitement, FIFAUTeam Tweeted out the first-ever TOTY from FIFA 12.

All the players should be familiar faces, but it's amazing to see that many of them are still seeing action in FIFA today.

The XI is dominated by La Liga players, with only three teams - Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid - making up the selection.

The Defence

The goalkeeping spot was taken by Spain and Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas, who has seen a return to the game this year with a new set of Icon cards.

At right-back is another legend who could find himself very relevant in the coming week, with the possibility of a TOTY Flashback card coming for Dani Alves.

The Brazilian will surely go down as one of the greatest right-backs of all time and has even seen a recent return to Barcelona to show us that he's still got it.

FIFA 22 TOTY Flashback Prediction Dani Alves
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DAN THE MAN - Can Dani Alves help save Barca's season?

A proper old school defender, Nemanja Vidic has also gone down in FIFA history, earning Icon status.

Despite not being one of the more popular cards - unfortunately, he lacks some much-needed pace - he will still be remembered for always putting his head in where it hurts.

Back to La Liga, where Gerard Pique is still playing now, despite being past his prime.

Last season, we saw an insane 96 OVR Flashback card for the Barca man, so don't expect to see him pop up again this year.

Finishing off the back-line is a man who needs no introductions, Sergio Ramos.

FIFA 21 End of an Era Sergio Ramos
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UNREAL - This FIFA 21 card had it all

His End of an Era SBC let gamers decide whether to pick a centre-back or right-back version of his card, with the CB being one of the best cards we've ever seen!

The Midfield

FUT players wouldn't appreciate this midfield three these days, as none of them offers much pace.

Another man who has returned to Barca, another who made Icon status, Xavi could run the game like few others.

Even his Prime Icon card is underused, with 'only' 81 PAC, but we think it deserves to see more love.

His partner in crime, Andres Iniesta may not be playing at the top level anymore, but has still earned an in-form card this season!

Sure, it doesn't come anywhere close to his Player Moments card from FIFA 21, but few could.

FIFA 21 Player Moments Iniesta
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RESPECT - This immense card reminded us just what a player Iniesta was

Xabi Alonso is the last man in midfield, and also the only member of the XI not to feature in FIFA 22.

His last appearance was in FIFA 17, where he gained a 94-rated End of an Era tribute.

The Attack

Now we're at the money end of the field, with two of the three attackers nominated for the upcoming Team of the Year.

Lionel Messi picked up a spot in FIFA 12 and is looking like a strong contender this year too, with another Balon D'Or win supporting his case.

FIFA 22 TOTY Prediction Messi
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THE MESSI-AH RETURNS - Will the Argentine make the first XI this year?

Last year he managed to see an inclusion in the Ultimate XI as the 12th Player, which could happen again with so many brilliant attackers up for a place, but only three available.

Wayne Rooney was in his prime for the FIFA 12 selection, and after retiring last season made it straight into the Icon roster this game.

His card is up for grabs at the moment, as he is the big prize if you want to trade in 17 tokens from Icon Swaps 1.

Finally, a man who has dominated Team of the Year since its inception, but could be set to miss out for the first time ever!

FIFA 22 TOTY Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo
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DOMINANT - 10 out of 10 is some going for TOTY inclusions from CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo is in with an outside shot this season, but we think it highly unlikely he will make the final cut, ending his 10-year streak.

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