FIFA 22 Silver Stars Series: Objectives players humiliate SBCs in head to head

The Silver Stars Series promo has split opinion in the FIFA community but ultimately has brought quite a few great new cards to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

To let you know what players are worth bringing to your club we hosted a match that saw all the newly released cards included.

Read on to see how the match played out, as well as individual ratings for all the cards involved.

The Match

To put the new Silver Stars Series players to the test we did a head-to-head match, Objectives Players vs SBC Players.

The SBC Team was absolutely humiliated, losing 8-1 on aggregate over two legs.

Yes, some of that will come down to the capabilities of the human controlling them, but it was solid defending from the Objectives Team that made it really hard to create many goalscoring chances.

You can check out the match in the video below:

Objective Players

There should be no excuses in bringing all these Silver Stars Series objectives players to your club after their easy victory.

The Squad Battles may seem a bit of a slog, but you should be able to complete all objectives at once in just five matches if you wait until Wednesday, 2 March at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, when all the cards will have been released.

The Silver Lounge objectives should be fairly straightforward to complete, especially with many FUT users playing to the Golden Goal rule in order to get through tasks quickly.


One of the stars of the promo so far, Joelinton was used very effectively as a striker, with his great defensive stats helping his side defend from the front.

A powerhouse in the middle of the park, he has the base stats of an 86-rated striker, and an 85-rated CF, CAM, and CM.

Play him wherever he fits your squad, just make sure you play him!

Rating: 9/10

Rico Henry

Possibly the best card of the release, Rico Henry was already seeing his base Silver card getting used a lot in Silver Stars squads, and this is one hell of an upgrade.

If you're needing a left-back to use in your competitive XI and Rico Henry fits the chemistry, he won't feel out of place.

Rating: 10/10

Rayan Cherki

Rayan Cherki has decent pace and top dribbling, but what will draw attention to the card is his five-star week foot and five-star skill moves.

This guy can run the show on the wing, although you may need to boost his pace a bit to contend with the new players released.

Rating: 7/10

Jake Cooper

Even without a chemistry style on him to boost his 75 PAC, Jake Cooper was able to handle any pacey attackers that came his way.

6'6", with 84 DEF and 86 PHY, he is a real solid defender.

Add a Shadow to him and he has 85 PAC, with the stats of a 91-rated CB!

Rating: 9/10

Talles Magno

Talles Magno didn't cause any problems throughout the match and is one of the lesser players released during the promo.

Yes, he is speedy, has great dribbling and five-star skill moves, which should make him excellent, but in-game he didn't prove his worth.

Rating: 4/10

Maxim Leitsch

A card that got everyone excited when its stats were leaked, Maxim Leitsch is a CB with 95 PAC as a base rating!

If you're after a card to deal with speedy attackers getting in behind, this guy can handle it.

He isn't as defensively sound as other CBs from the release, but that can be fixed with the right chemistry style.

Rating: 8/10

Kevin Malcuit

Another man who dealt with all attackers with ease, Kevin Malcuit again wouldn't feel out of place in a more competitive side.

Add a Shadow to get an 89-rated RB, he is not only defensively sound but great with the ball at his feet.

The cherry on top is his French Nationality, giving you plenty of top cards to link with.

Rating: 8/10

SBC Players

The losers on the day, there has still been some great SBC players released.

For fairly cheap you can bring them to your club, with many helping to get max chemistry when squad building.

Reiner Jesus

Despite his card stats not being unbelievable, Reiner Jesus feels great to play with in-game.

He is very good with the ball at his feet and can use his 80 Strength to hold the ball up.

His 30k price may be on the higher side, but he will link well with other Bundesliga players.

Rating: 7/10

Kevin De Bruyne

One of the best cards of the release so far, Flashback Kevin De Bruyne has the base stats of an 86-rated CAM.

He isn't that far off in many ratings of his standard Gold card, even possessing greater pace.

Again, the SBC costs around 30k, and we think that is a great deal.

Rating: 8/10

Anthony Elanga

With 95 PAC, 82 SHO and 85 DRI, Anthony Elanga possess all the attributes you could want for a top winger.

Of all Silver wingers released so far, Elanga feels the best to use in-game and will have strong links with the many Premier League cards that we've seen.

Get him in your club!

Rating: 9/10

Paul Pogba

With the base stats of an 84-rated CM, the Flashback Paul Pogba is only one overall point behind his Gold base version.

He feels better to control, and actually has greater in-game stats than the gold card too.

If you're after a Silver CDM, then the Winter Wildcards Ibrahima Diallo who was released as a Silver Star is better to play with, but Pogba would be a top alternative.

His Premier League and French links will also help massively with squad building.

Rating: 6/10

Wylan Cyprien

A Gullit Gang Silver card, Wylan Cyprien only has three individual stats lower than 80 (Volleys, Heading Accuracy and Slide Tackle), so of course, is pretty decent to use.

He didn't stand out on the pitch, but perhaps that is the role he will play in your side, always steady and reliable.

You can't go wrong with a French nationality card either!

Rating: 7/10

Harrison Marcelin

Harisson Marcelin has a super cheap SBC, coming in at around 10k, so even if you don't like using him you won't have taken a big hit to get him into your club.

Stick a Shadow on him and you have a 90-rated CB!

At 6'6" he is great at cutting out long balls over the top, although he isn't the most agile around.

Rating: 7/10

Marco Reus

Another cheap release, Flashback Marco Reus has good stats in pace, shooting, passing and dribbling, but is let down by not excelling in any of them.

His Bundesliga and German links will come in handy with squad building, but don't worry if you miss out on bringing him to your club.

He scored the only goal from the SBC Team, a wonderful chip, but couldn't compete with the pacey defenders.

A Shadow is definitely needed on him if you plan to use the card.

Rating: 5/10

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