FIFA 22 Harisson Marcelin SBC: Unlock the giant CB from the Silver Stars Series NOW

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Yes, even more cards are being released on a daily basis for the Silver Stars Series promo!

Another Frenchman makes an appearance in the latest SBC that has been released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Harisson Marcelin has been made available to unlock, so check out the card and how to add it to your squad below.

Harisson Marcelin (OVR 74)

Start Date: Monday, 28 January

Expiry Date: Sunday, 6 March

SBC Requirements

There are is one squad needed to unlock the new card.

The requirements are as follows:

Harisson Marcelin

  • Minimum one France player
  • Minimum 81 Team Rating
  • Minimum 60 Team Chemistry

1 x Silver Star Harisson Marcelin

Estimated Cost – 10.55k (PlayStation) / 12.1k (Xbox)

Worth it?

Another really nice value for money card has been released in the Silver Stars Series promo.

Marcelin is a massive unit at 6'6", and with 95 Strength he will bully attackers.

He has the base stats of an 84-rated CB, which can go to a 91-rated one if you add a Sentinel chemistry style to him.

Everyone will want to give him a big pace boost though, so a Shadow is what you will probably stick on him, which still makes him a 90-rated centre-back!

His tackling will nearly be maxed out with the Shadow too, with his stats climbing to include 88 PAC.

With 62 Agility and 60 Balance, he may feel a bit cumbersome, which is the only real downside of this out-and-out defender.

He only requires one 81-rated squad to unlock, which can be done easily, so you may as well bring him in.

We don't know what other Silver promos or objectives could await in the future, so the more options you give yourself the easier it will be to assemble a top team.

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