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FIFA 22 Silver Stars Series: Promo haters may miss out in the long run

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The Silver Stars Series promo is well underway in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with EA having released plenty of unlockable cards via SBCs and objectives.

The brand new campaign has been a hot topic of discussion on FUT forums, with the community seemingly split in opinion.

Some Ultimate Team players really like the unique content, whereas others believe there is little to be desired compared to previous promos.

Silver Stars miss the mark

Mark Pangalos, Sports Writer at RealSport101:

"There are a few problems with the Silver Stars Series promo, which had the potential to be brilliant if it was executed correctly.

"As DonkTrading rightly points out on Twitter, the overriding issue with the Silver Stars promo is that it arrived too late.

"EA could have released the promo during the first few weeks of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, which would have made the special Silver cards genuinely usable in competitive and Weekend League squads.

"Unfortunately, using any Silver Stars Series cards at this point in the game cycle is just not viable unless you are playing in the Silver Lounge FUT Friendly game mode.

"This leads us to our second issue with the promo - nearly every squad that you face in the Silver Lounge FUT Friendly mode is filled with the same group of players.

Popular Silver Stars Series SBCs, such as Flashback Kevin De Bruyne, have been completed by almost EVERY serious FUT player which makes the once exciting game mode now slightly boring."

Haters gonna hate

David Luff, Sports Writer at RealSport101:

"A lot of the negatives surrounding the promo have pointed to the fact that these Silver Stars Series cards are unusable at this stage of the season - but that simply isn't true.

"Every week we get a new Silver Stars player that needs objectives completed in the Silver Lounge, where releases from this event will now dominate.

"Yes, we will see a lot of the same cards popping up, but that can give a little more of a competitive edge to the games, testing out a player's skill as opposed to the cards they own.

"It also gives a helping hand to gamers who haven't had FIFA 22 since release who have missed out on the weekly Silver Stars cards.

"New players can now populate their Silver Stars squads with cards that have better stats than their ratings let on, evening up the playing field."

It's a free country

One of the biggest things to be overlooked is this - it's just a bit of fun!

No one is being forced to play in these game modes, and if you opt not to do them it is not going to bite you in the a*** when plenty of others are using the cards.

EA has also released plenty of French stars during the series, attempting to satisfy the meta-seeking players in their search for their 85th French centre-back.

One game mode where the new cards will really shine is in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.

Sneaking in some overpowered players while keeping the overall rating of your squad down is surely a win.

As NepentheZ pointed out on Twitter, more content like the current Silver Gauntlet objectives could be released further down the line, which would keep the Silver Stars Series cards relevant.

We don't know what EA has planned, but more Silver restricted game modes could be introduced, and if they are then this promo may be seen in a whole new light by those who are hating on it.

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