FIFA 22 Best Passers: COMMAND the game with these players

Whether you are playing FUT, Career Mode, or any other game mode on FIFA 22, passing is the bedrock of the game.

Spraying long balls, playing tiki-taka in tight spaces, or whipping in crosses, all essential to the game.

With ratings for FIFA 22 out now and the release less than a month away, we look at who the best passers are on the game.

Kevin De Bruyne (PAS 93)

Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best players in the world mainly down to his passing prowess.

94 Short Passing, 93 Long Passing, 94 Vision, and 94 Crossing, it doesn't get better than him.

Lionel Messi (PAS 91)

Following closely behind KDB is this little magician.

Lionel Messi's 95 Vision is better than De Bruyne, with 91 Short Passing and 91 Long Passing still ranking him as one of the best.

Toni Kroos (PAS 91)

Still going strong in the centre of the field for Real Madrid with his partner (more on him later), Toni Kroos has been dictating play for years.

93 Short Passing, 93 Long Passing, and 90 Vision are complemented with 88 Crossing, giving him that slight edge over other players.

Daniel Parejo (PAS 90)

A surprise appearance on the list as Dani Parejo is not often mentioned alongside the best in the business.

92 Short Passing, 90 Long Passing, and 89 Vision mean on pure passing ability he's right up there.

Luka Modric (PAS 89)

The other old man in Real's midfield, age doesn't seem to be stopping Modric from being one of the best around. He's just turned 36 and is still integral to club and country.

With 91 Short Passing, 89 Long Passing, and 90 Vision it's easy to see why.

Bruno Fernandes (PAS 89)

Bruno Fernandes turned Manchester United into a club that looks like competing again, forcing the team to play at his level.

91 Short Passing, 88 Long Passing, and 90 Vision are proof of that ability.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (PAS 88)

The only Englishman to make the list, Trent always shows off his skill at club level for Liverpool.

92 Crossing boosts his overall passing above other players. Back that up with 86 Short Passing, 90 Long Passing, and 87 Vision and he makes the top list.

Marco Verratti (PAS 87)

If you want someone in the middle of the park stringing the play, then Marco Verratti is one of the best in the world.

90 Short Passing, 89 Long Passing, and 89 Vision make the Italian standout.

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