FIFA 22 Investment Guide: Top 10 Tips to get coins EASILY in Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 is finally here and everyone is getting stuck into the Ultimate Team grind.

Some of you might be wondering how to make millions of coins without investing real money into the game, well, we've got you covered.

Check out our top 10 tips on how to get coins in FUT 22 below.

Target upcoming TOTW players

Targetting upcoming TOTW players is one of the most effective ways to boost your coin balance with very little effort.

When a player is included in the TOTW his base card is replaced by the in-form card in packs, so there are fewer base versions of the card on the market.

This means that the base card's value can rise significantly.

felipe anderson futbin fifa 22
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EASY PROFIT - If you'd purchased Anderson at 2k you'd be making a huge profit

For example, Felipe Anderson's inclusion in TOTW 2 saw his base card's value rise to 10,000 coins.

So, all you need to do is predict a player who will likely be getting a TOTW card and purchase that player's base card several times.

Of course, the more cards you buy, the bigger profit you'll make.

Invest in SBC fodder

Investing in SBC fodder could make you A LOT of coins down the line.

Right now, with barely any high-rated squads required for SBCs, the value of high-rated cards is very low.

For example, Sergio Busquets (OVR 86) is currently available for around 5,000 coins on PlayStation and Xbox!

You can expect all 86-rated cards to rise to around 20,000 - 30,000 coins once the higher-rated SBC squads are required.

So, this method could mean holding onto your high-rated cards on the trade pile for several weeks, but will definitely be worth the wait!

Target Ones to Watch players

This method involves buying Ones to Watch cards that you think will get an upgrade.

If you think a player with a OTW card will be included in the next TOTW, you can purchase several of their OTW versions and if they receive an upgrade, their value should increase significantly.

manuel locatelli totw 3 predictions fifa 22
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GOLDEN BOY - Locatelli can do no wrong at the moment

For example, Manuel Locatelli’s curling 86th-minute winner could be enough to earn him a place in TOTW 3, which would see his 82 OVR OTW card upgraded.

Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack Method has been a way of making coins for several years in Ultimate Team now.

Despite the removal of the 400 coin pack in FIFA 22, this trading method is still one of the easiest ways to slowly build up your coins.

fifa 18 bronze pack method ultimate team
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FIFA HERITAGE - BPM has been a popular method for years now

All the Bronze Pack Method involves is buying Bronze Packs and selling the cards inside - it may not sound too profitable but it really can be.

When opening hundreds of Bronze Packs, every so often you will pack a Bronze card worth thousands of coins - even up to 10,000!

It's worth checking every card's value before deciding whether to sell or use for Silver Upgrade SBCs.

FUT Draft Grind

This method requires a bit more skill than the rest, as you'll need to actually play the game in order to make coins.

fut draft
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BACK YOURSELF - Turn 15,000 coins into 100,000 coins in FUT Draft

FUT Draft is a great way of making coins, provided you reach the third round.

All you need to do is invest 15,000 coins into the FUT Draft and you can get some HUGE rewards.

If you make it all the way and win the draft you will most likely get a 50k pack and can even bag yourself a 100k pack!

However, this is a risky method, as if you are knocked out within the first couple of rounds you will struggle to make back your 15,000 coins.

Target Marquee Matchups

Marquee Matchups is an SBC that EA drops regularly throughout the year.

This SBC focuses on the big matches coming up in the real world of football and requires players from the teams involved in those games.

So, all you need to do is keep your eye out for any big derbies coming up in the fixtures across Europe and purchase players from those teams.

Once the SBC comes out and the demand for these players increases, the value of the players will also increase.

Invest in Club items

This method is pretty straightforward and can be applied to loads of different club items.

All you need to do is search for specific club's anthems, kits, badges, stadiums etc and purchase any items on which you can make a profit.

fifa 22 man utd
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RED DEVILS - Man Utd fans will pay big bucks to use their kit in FUT 22

With the majority of players not checking what the items are worth and listing them for cheap, you can make a few hundred coins per item, which adds up quickly once you've put a bit of time in!

Earn Coin Boosts

Coin boosts are a great way at the start of any Ultimate Team year to start building your balance up quickly.

Unlockable through completing objectives and earning XP towards seasonal objectives, these boosts give you additional coins on top of your match earnings.

They last between five and fifteen games and can give up to 1,000 extra coins per match.

So, all you need to do is get playing and you'll have cash to splash before you know it!

FUT 22 objectives

This one requires absolutely no coin investment whatsoever.

fifa 22 seaosn 1 objectives storyline
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ENJOY THE GRIND - Unlock these cards via objectives in FUT 22

Just make sure you’re keeping a regular eye on the objectives tab in Ultimate Team.

While some of these objectives will reward you with players there are also tradeable packs, coins and the previously mentioned coin boosts.

You’ll complete some objectives by just playing FIFA 22 games but make sure you collect your rewards from the objectives menu.

Sell unused consumables

When sifting through your unused consumables, you might just find some hidden gems in your club.

For this method all you need to do is spend the time going through the consumables you don’t use and get them listed on the transfer market.

You may be tempted to quick sell these items when you pack them, but DO NOT do this!

Some club items which you don't think are worthless can sell for thousands of coins on the market.

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