FIFA 22: FUT players will STRUGGLE to earn coins as EA axes popular feature

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Rumours are circulating that EA has ruined the beloved Bronze Pack trading method in Ultimate Team, which we were so looking forward to using when the Web App arrives this week!

As a result, we could see FIFA 22 players struggling to earn coins this year.

Find out how EA has potentially disabled the popular method below.

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Bronze Pack Method potentially ruined

According to FutSpy on Twitter, EA has removed the 400 coin Bronze Packs from Ultimate Team as we head into FIFA 22.


If these rumours are true, the Bronze Pack Method could potentially no longer be possible, with the cheapest pack being the 750 coin Bronze Pack.


Players will be gutted if we can no longer use the Bronze Pack Method in FUT, as it was a great way for starter and Road to Glory accounts to make coins from scratch, without having to invest real money into the game.

The Bronze Pack Method was alive and well in FUT 21, so why would EA destroy it for FIFA 22?

Well, one possible reason is that EA may have done this to encourage the use of micro-transactions.

What is the Bronze Pack Method?

The Bronze Pack Method has been a way of making coins for several years in Ultimate Team now.

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FIFA HERITAGE - BPM has been a popular method for years now

This trading method is one of the easiest ways to slowly build up your coins throughout the year.


The process is simple, and you can make thousands of coins an hour, especially if you get lucky with the packs.

This method does take a lot of time, and you'll want to start out with around 20,000-30,000 coins, so you can open lots of packs without having to worry.

How does the Bronze Pack Method work?

All the Bronze Pack Method involves is buying 400 coin Bronze Packs and selling the cards inside - it may not sound too profitable but it really can be!

Every card in Ultimate Team has a value, from Cristiano Ronaldo to the random 52-rated non-rare left-backs.

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FANTASTIC FIND - Some Bronze players sell for thousands of coins

When opening hundreds of 400 coin packs, every so often you will pack a Bronze card worth thousands of coins - even up to 10,000!


What to sell and for how much?

Bronze players from major leagues will most likely sell immediately.

These leagues include:


Even some off league cards can sell for up to 1,000 coins or more, so it’s a good idea to check each bronze card regardless of league or position - sometimes there are some strange fluctuations in the market that can cause a player's price to skyrocket.

For the Bronze cards that don’t sell immediately, don't just quick sell them, hold onto them!

At the start of the Ultimate Team game cycle, stocking up your club with cards is absolutely the correct thing to do, as some of those cards could sell for thousands later in the year, as players try to fill up league SBCs.

Off-league bronze cards that don’t sell can also be put into silver SBCs, which can then be turned into gold cards eventually.

This is a great way to stock up your club with valuable first-owner cards for future objectives or SBCs you might be interested in.

On top of these big-money Bronze players, obscure club badges and kits can sell for a few hundred or even in the thousands too, so it's worth checking these as well.