FIFA 22 Free Kicks: Video MASTERCLASS and pro tips on how to score constantly

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team tests all your skills as a FIFA player and you will need to become ruthless at taking your chances to overcome the top opposition.

Set-pieces are just one area of the game you can exploit to take your game to the next level, and if you can master free-kicks your opponent will forever regret fouling you around the box.

It's not just humans that you can get the edge over, as you may find it the only way to overcome a stubborn defence in Career Mode on your way to the title.

Find out all the best ways to score free-kicks in FIFA 22, including varying routines and techniques, below.

Latest - Watch this Masterclass

If you're looking to switch things up with your free-kick taking, who better to get advice from than a FIFA Pro!

In this video, Gravesen takes you through a few of his favourite variations to create scoring chances, using fake shots and player runs.

Becoming a free-kick master isn't just about being able to strike a great ball, but also involves using multiple techniques to best beat the opposition.

As an added bonus, he also shows you some of his corner routines!

If you combine those tips with our guide to scoring from corners, then you are well on your way to becoming a FIFA Pro yourself.

Near post nightmare

The expected play is to go over the wall into the large area of the goal that the GK has left open, but this can be trickier to execute.

If you are anywhere around the edge of the box, the keeper's side can be a great option.

This works best for players with high Shot Power and Free-Kick Accuracy, with Curve less important.

You don't even need to ut spin on the ball, just drill the ball into the top corner and celebrate in style!

Any changes?

From what we've played of FIFA 22 so far, most things have carried over like for like from FIFA 21.

The only noticeable change has been when adding spin to the ball.

Previously, this was very sensitive, and when trying to do a knuckleball shot if you didn't get it just right the spin would veer off to the side.

FIFA 22 appears to be slightly more lenient with how far off centre you can tap the analogue stick without the spin getting out of control.

With this made slightly easier, we expect more free-kicks to be flying into the net.

The newest patch also means that the computer is more likely to make fouls on harder difficulties, which will give you more opportunities to shoot and convert your free-kicks.

The Right Player

Obviously, the Free Kick accuracy attribute is important, but perhaps more so is Curve and Shot Power.

FIFA 22 David Beckham
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THE FREE KICK GOAT? - Find a player to match Beckham's curve

This will let you get the ball up over the wall and back down, hopefully at a fast enough pace that the GK can't react to it.

Where to Aim

Unless you go for a low shot under the wall, always look to be putting the ball in the top corner opposite to where the keeper is standing.

This means the GK has to move further to make contact with the ball, and may not be able to react quick enough to manoeuvre across the goal.

If you are close in, aiming towards the goalkeeper's side can take the wall out of the equation, but in general, it is best to aim for the side of the goal the GK has left open.

What if they move the keeper?

Expect for this to happen on FUT, but if you were playing with mates I would question whether they were your mates at all! Everyone loves to see a free-kick fly in the top bins!

When the keeper is central you may not feel like you can beat them from the free-kick.

If you are close to the box you can usually find a teammate standing next to the wall with a little bit of space - pass the ball into them, do a quick turn, and shoot.

If the keeper has been moved centrally and there is a clear route from ball to goal, it may be worth charging up a powerful driven shot into the side of the net that the keeper can't react to.

What type of free-kick should you use?

Top Spin - it is the easiest free-kick to perfect.

It can't be used in all situations, but if you are more central and close to the goal it is very effective.

Aim just above the bar in the corner of the goal and put some top spin on the ball by pressing the right analogue stick down then up.

You're looking to beat the keeper with an accurate, dipping shot.

FIFA 22 Free Kick
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TOP SPINS - Get used to adding topspin to your free kicks

Advanced Free-Kicks

Once you've become accustomed to adding spin to the ball, try out these other types of kicks.

Side Spin - the aim is to bend the ball around the side of the wall, nestling in the top corner.

To do this, aim the marker around the middle of the goal so it isn't impacted by the wall, then during the run-up, move the right analogue stick down and arc it around in a semi-circle to the top.

Arc it to the right if you want the ball to move right to left, and to the left if you want the ball moving left to right.

The slower/faster you do this movement, the less/more spin is added to the ball.

Trivela - this kick can look really cool if you pull it off, making the player use the outside of their foot to curve the ball in.

You will need to change the starting position of the kick taker to a straight run-up, by flicking the right analogue stick in the direction your player needs to move.

Be careful not to flick it down though, as this will cause the player to start taking the kick.

If you are using a right-footed player you will add side spin by moving the right analogue stick down, arching left and up, and the opposite for a left-footer.

Again, you are looking to hit the ball around the wall, so change your aim accordingly.

Knuckleball - inconsistent but unreal when it comes off, for this shot you will also need to practise your timed finishing.

When you are further away from the goal or on the side of the box, we'd advise knuckleballing it.

To do this aim the marker into the top corner of the gaol and add spin by tapping the right analogue stick down, up, then down.

You're looking to beat the keeper with a powerful shot that moves about in the air.

For a more in-depth tutorial for learning free-kicks, and to learn a couple more, check out this video guide from TFVGaming:

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