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FIFA 22 Controls: Learn all the skills and DOMINATE any opposition

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FIFA 22 has been out for a while now, but if you're late to the party or just want to brush up on the basics, then we've got you covered.

It's never too late to discover something new, so take a look over the controls guide, master the basics, then take your game to the next level.

You'll be a pro in no time!

Latest - Team of the Season Coming Soon

It's that time in the year when another huge promo is set to drop in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

There has been no official announcement from EA of when the Team of the Season campaign will begin, but we can have a pretty accurate guess judging from previous years.

FIFA 21's TOTS campaign started on Friday, 23 April with the Community TOTS squad and EFL TOTS squad released.

fifa 21 tots
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ULTIMATE TOTS - The very best cards will be included in the Ultimate XI

If this season follows the same pattern, then EA could kick off the FIFA 22 TOTS promo on Friday, 22 April 2022.

We're already getting excited about it, so check out who we think could make the Premier League TOTS squad right here.

Set Piece Pro

Once you've brushed up on the basics why not check out our guides to help you make the most of your set pieces.

Learn the secret trick to taking penalties so your opponent will never know which way to go.

Master all the different free-kick styles to bag a goal from all angles.

Make your opponent rue giving you a corner as you score each time.

Progression is the key to success; the more you know, the better you will become.

Latest Skill Moves

With a new game comes new skills, and FIFA 22 has four new skill moves to get to grips with.

They are the Skilled Bridge (four-star), Four Touch Skill (four-star), First Time Spin (five-star) and Scoop Turn Fake (five-star).

As they are new players won't be reading them as easily as other moves, so they can give you an edge before becoming all the rage.

To learn how to do these new skill moves, as well as all the others in the game, see our guide here.


The official FIFA 22 trailer can give you a feel for the game if you are yet to play it.

So what are you waiting for, go and get FIFA 22 and show off your skills.


The very basics, getting your players to move is probably the most important thing you can do!

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Move playerMove L stickMove L stick
SprintHold R2Hold RT
Change player (defence)L1LB
Change player (manual)R stickR stick
Shield ball (attack)/jockey or grab & hold (defence)/ jockey (ball in air)Hold L2Hold LT
First touch/knock-on (with ball)R2 + move R stickRT + move R stick
Stop and face goal (with ball)L1 + no directionLB + no direction
Face up dribblingL2 + R2LT + RT
Stop ballR2 + no directionRT + no direction
No touch feintsR1 + LRB + L
Call for teammate runL1LB
Call for supportR1RB
Let ball runR1 press and hold + L away from ballRB press and hold + L away from ball
Slow dribbleL1 + L + directionLB + L + direction
Disguised first touchR1 press and hold + L towards ballRB press and hold + L towards ball
Slow DribbleL2 + R2 + L directionLT + RT + L direction
Strafe DribbleL1 + L directionLB + L direction
Strafe Dribble (lock face angle)L1 + R1 + L directionLB + RB + L direction

L2 / LT is often one of the most under-used controls and it can give you a real advantage when jostling for the ball or position.


Getting to grips with ALL the attacking controls can give you an edge when it comes to finding that final pass.

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Ground pass/headerXA
Lob pass/cross/headerX
Through ballY
Timed finishO + O (timed)B + B (timed)
Chip shotL1 + OLB + B
Finesse shotR1 + ORB + B
Low shot/downward headerL1 + R1 + OLB + RB + B
Fake shot/passO/X then X + L directionB/X then A + L direction
Threaded through ballR1 + △RB + Y
Chipped through ballL1 + △LB + Y
Driven lob pass/crossR1 + ▢RB + X
High lob/crossL1 + ▢LB + X
Low cross▢ + ▢X + X
Scoop lobL2 + ▢LT + X
Dummy a passPress and hold R1Press and hold RB
Cancel actionL2 + R2LT + RT
Flair passL2 + XLT + A
Flair shotL2 + OLT + B
Driven ground passR1 + XRB + A
Manual ground passL1+ R1 + XLB + RB + A
Flick up for volleyClick R3Click R stick
Lofted Ground PassDouble tap XDouble tap A
Lofted Ground Through PassDouble tap △Double tap Y
Driven Lobbed Through PassL1 + R1 + △LB + RB + Y

Fizzing in a threaded through ball can mean defenders don't have time to intercept the pass.


Defending is not always easy on FIFA 22, so understanding the ins and outs can give you a boost.

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Tackle/push or pull (when chasing)OB
Slide tackleX
Quick get up (after slide tackle)X
Clearance (with ball)OB
Contain/pressHold XHold A
Teammate contain/pressHold R1Hold RB
JockeyHold L2Hold LT
Running jockeyHold both L2 + R2Hold both LT + RT
Pull and hold (when chasing)Press and hold OPress and hold B
Engage shielding opponentL2 + L towards shielding dribblerLT + L towards shielding dribbler
Rush goalkeeper outPress and hold △Press and hold Y
Move goalkeeperClick and hold R3 + move RClick and hold R stick + move R
GK cover far postClick and hold R3Click and hold R stick
Switch to GKPress Touch padPress View button
Goalkeeper Cross Interceptions△+ △ (hold)Y + Y (hold)
Engage Shielding OpponentL2 + L towards shielding opponentLT + L towards shielding opponent
Hard TackleO (hold)B ( hold)

Utilising the 'hard tackle' can really help in halting the opponent's attacks, even if you don't win the ball!

Goalkeeping (with the ball)

Over the past few years, we have seen more of an emphasis placed on goalkeepers being able to distribute the ball.

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Drop kickO/▢B/X
Drop ballY
Pick up ballR1RB
Driven throwR1 + XRB + A
Driven kickR1 + ▢RB + X
Cross Interception△ + △ (hold)Y + Y (hold)

The same goes for this year as we have seen kicking greatly improved, so make sure to utilise this on FIFA 22 as well.

Set Pieces

For such a huge part of the game, many players ignore set plays and don't make the most of them.

Free Kicks

After a rocky start, we ended up loving the new free-kicks in FIFA 21, and they are very similar on 22.

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Adjust run upR stickR stick
AimL stickL stick
Select kick takerHold R2Hold RT
Call 2nd kick takerL2LT
Call 3rd kick takerR1RB
2nd/3rd kick taker curled shotL2/R1 + OLT/RB + B
2nd kick taker layoff passL2 + XLT + A
2nd kick taker layoff chipL2 + ▢LT + X
2nd/3rd kick taker run over ballL2/R1 + O then XLT/RB + B then A
Ground passXA
High pass/crossX
Driven shotL1 + OLB + B
Apply shot powerHold OHold B
Wall jump (defence)Y
Wall charge (defence)XA
Move wall (defence)L2/R2LT/RT
Wall creep (defence)R1RB
Move goalkeeper (defence)▢/OX/B
Switch to receiverL1LB
Time Your ShotO + O (timed)B + B (timed)
Apply Curl During Run UpRR

Making the most of your chances to shoot can bag you those crucial goals.


It is seen as a crime to miss from 12 yards, so make sure you are converting your penalties.

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
AimL stickL stick
Adjust run upMove R stickMove R stick
Select kick takerHold R2Hold RT
Apply shot powerHold OHold B
Finesse shotR1 + ORB +B
Chip shotL1 + OLB + B
Aim indicator on/offD-pad upD-pad up
Goalkeeper move side to side (defence)L + directionL + direction
Goalkeeper dive (defence)R + directionR + direction
Goalkeeper gestures (defence)X/O/▢/△A/B/X/Y

The FIFA 22 system can be easily mastered, so just find the top corner. Easy.


The near-post flick on became the norm last season with most of us countering it by moving the goalkeeper.

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Aim kickL stickL stick
Lob crossX
Apply kick powerHold ▢Hold X
Aim indicator on/offD-pad upD-pad up
Display corner tacticsD-pad downD-pad down
Run far postD-pad down then upD-pad down then up
Edge of box runD-pad down then rightD-pad down then right
Crowd the goalkeepersD-pad down then leftD-pad down then left
Run near postD-pad down then downD-pad down then down

There is more balance this year with a variety of corner routines actually successful.


So basic, yet how many of us just throw the ball to the opposition in a hurry. 

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Move along lineMove L stickMove L stick
Short throw inXA
Short throw in (manual)Y
Long throw in▢/press + hold XX/press + hold A
Fake throw▢ + X or X + ▢X then A or A then X
Switch to receiverR stickR stick

Take your time, control the receiver and get on with the game. It really is that simple.


Quickly switching your tactics in-game can alter the pattern of play in your favour.

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Quick substitutesHold R2 then XHold RT then A
Display attacking tacticsD-pad upD-pad up
Get in the boxD-pad up then upD-pad up then up
Attacking full backsD-pad up then rightD-pad up then right
Hug sidelineD-pad up then leftD-pad up then left
Extra strikerD-pad up then downD-pad up then down
Display defending tacticsD-pad downD-pad down
Striker drop backD-pad down then upD-pad down then up
Team pressD-pad down then rightD-pad down then right
Overload ball sideD-pad down then leftD-pad down then left
Offside trapD-pad down then downD-pad down then down

If you can get these switches nailed then your opponent doesn't stand a chance.

VOLTA (specifics)

Taunts, tricks, and tackles, VOLTA football really is all-action fun.

Action PlayStation controls Xbox controls
Simple Skill MovesL2 + R2 + L directionLT + RT + L direction
Simple FlicksClick R3 + L DirectionClick right stick + L Direction
TauntsStand by ball + L1 or R2Stand by ball + LB or RT
Hard Tackle 

There is nothing better than humiliating your mates, so make sure you know how to do it properly.

For more articles like this, take a look at our FIFA page.