FIFA 22: Use THIS method to score from corners every single time

FIFA 22 is here and whether you're a fan of Career Mode, FUT or Pro Clubs, being able to score from set pieces is absolutely essential and can give you a huge advantage in any match.

So, take a look at our guide to scoring from corners right here.

Latest - Movement is key

We've discovered one of the best ways to score from corners early every single time...

Once you've got a corner, all you need to do is click L1 (or LB for Xbox users) and find your most dangerous mad in the air.

Usually, this will be a centre-back with great heading accuracy but a big striker is also a good choice.

Drap this man away from the penalty area, then click Square (or X for Xbox users) in order to play the ball in how you like.

Hit Square again to play the cross in whilst simultaneously running your selected danger man into the box and you should be able to win the header every time if you get the timing and accuracy right.

Old Faithful

The go-to corner routine for a while now has been the near post run.

FIFA 22 Near post corner
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SIMPLY THE BEST - Near post run is the go to corner routine

Set your tactic, and hope your big man can run across their marker or get themselves into a pocket of space.

There is a reason most players use this routine, because it works.

Audacious routine

In our search for the best corner routines in FIFA 22, we found the most audacious play posted to Reddit by NzauhVI.

First off, call in a second player and take it short, before launching a ball back towards your own half.

Then pick out your star man on the edge of the box with another lofted pass, before slamming home a worldie of a volley and trying not to look too smug.

It really is that simple...

What if they move the keeper?

You will find lots of players on FUT that move the keeper into the space you want to hit for the near post runs. This doesn't always mean they will get to the ball, and even if they do there is no guarantee they will hold it.

If the keeper is flappy the ball will usually fall to your player outside the box, allowing you to hit one from range through a crowd of players, or work the ball wide to create an opportunity.

If you want to mix it up, hitting the ball over the keeper to find a man at the back of the pack is also a viable option. The keeper will be out of position for making an easy save, and you can nod the ball into a hopefully empty net.

Got a small team?

If you don't have anyone in the team that poses an aerial threat then swinging it into the box can just be a waste of possession.

Calling someone short is your best option, then you can play it back to a teammate in space on the edge of the box and work it around a defence that is pushing out to create a scoring opportunity.


When setting your tactics up pay attention to how many men you want in the box for corners.

More players in the box mean less space but can lead to scrappy goals if the ball drops to feet. Also, if you have a team of giants you can dominate the other team.

alaba fifa 22 kinetic air battles
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AIR BATTLES - The new system should mean more realism in the air

Fewer players in the box mean more space and allow your team to make charging runs to really attack the incoming ball.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your playstyle.

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