7 things we want to see on FIFA 22 Career Mode

Career Mode is one of the classic game modes, but will we see it reinvigorated when FIFA 22 is released later this year?

Understandably Career Mode does not receive the same attention as the lucrative Ultimate Team, but it still needs some love from EA.

Check out the seven things we want to see on FIFA 22 Career Mode below.

Career Mode

A real Career Mode. That is what we want to see.

Much like ‘The Journey’, we would love a fully immersive and realistic career mode experience.

the journey alex hunter fifa
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HUNTER - The Journey failed to capture the imagination of FIFA players

Starting your career as a young coach and having to earn your stripes with clear progression pathways would certainly freshen things up.

The ability to manage whichever team you please should remain though as Career Mode should offer something for all players.

Development and Potential

The dynamic player development is still in its infancy, but it does need some work.

Game-time does not always equal world-class talent, so there still needs to be some sort of structure to this.

fifa 21 career mode development
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TRAINING DAY - You can set your players development plans

Some players develop incredibly quickly and reach the top ratings just through playing regularly.

Added to this, the training and player sharpness has been a nice touch but again needs refining after just a year in the game.

Kit Designer

It feels like we say this every year, but how hard can it be to add a kit designer into Career Mode?

EA clearly has the technology to do it as we can design kits on pro clubs already.

fifa 21 pro clubs custom
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CUSTOM JOB - Pro Clubs received new levels of custom options on FIFA 21

Although this does seem a minor issue, it can certainly help in improving the feel of the game.

Decisions on kit design and colour could also have an impact on your own storyline with fans opinions coming into play.

Player Intelligence

This is not in-game intelligence, this is the communication side of things when players complain about the same things over and over again.

If a player wants to leave, why are they then surprised at their lack of game time?

If a player is unhappy with his contract, signs a new one, and then continues to complain about their contract, why sign it in the first place?

This sort of interaction is extremely frustrating for managers and needs to be adjusted with a better system of relationship-building introduced.


Adding to the relationship element of our wishlist, having clearer storylines would add depth to Career Mode.

While there is player interaction, it rarely feels linked and is often one-off complaints that have little impact on proceedings.

jurgen klopp fifa 21 career mode
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BE THE BOSS - Stamp your authority on proceedings

A way to develop rivalries or grudges with other teams and managers would also be an exciting addition.

Some sort of system to make you feel more immersed in the footballing world during your career mode would go down a storm.


There are still complaints in the Career Mode community when it comes to the transfer system.

While you may not be able to please everyone, the two options for strictness don’t appear to make much difference!

Extra detail in the loan deals is a start, but there is more that can be done.

There have also been plenty of complaints when the board wants you to sign certain players, but the game does not seem to recognise the objectives being completed.

World Cup

Just imagine how great the full 2022 World Cup experience could be on Career Mode!

The Champions League has been great on the game with the full image rights, so the more additions like this the better.

fifa world cup 2022 antoine griezmann
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THE DREAM - The World Cup could be coming to FIFA 22

National team management can feel a bit flat at times as there is no real crossover with your club career.

This could be transformed with a proper World Cup campaign, so fingers crossed.

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