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More teams could lose their identity on FIFA 22

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There is still yet to be any concrete news on FIFA 22, but that has not stopped our excitement!


This will be the first game in the FIFA series optimized for Next-gen consoles, so the graphics should be by far the best we have ever seen.

Adding to the graphics, could we see some new licenses introduced to the game?

Latest News - Napoli leaving FIFA

The first bit of news about licenses is bad for FIFA, with Italian club Napoli on the way out.

Napoli has signed an exclusive deal with Konami, meaning the club will no longer appear on FIFA.

The deal is effective immediately, although exclusivity does not kick in until the 2022/23 season, so Napoli will feature on FIFA 22.

Release Date

We don’t know when we will see our first glimpse of the new game, but news on the FIFA 22 release date should arrive in the coming weeks.

We are expecting the new game to become available in late September, assuming there are no delays like we saw for FIFA 21.



FIFA’s biggest rival has been PES for a long time, and Konami has taken exclusive rights to Juventus and Roma in recent times.

While EA still holds the rights to the player names but losing Juventus, in particular, has been a significant blow to the franchise.

inter milan fifa 21 graphics
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FRESH LOOK - Inter have a brand new kit out now on FIFA 21

EA did not take it lightly though and signed both Milan clubs to long-term exclusive deals.

With Napoli now joining the exclusive ranks on Konami, how will EA respond this time?


National Teams

There are plenty of fans around the world who want to see their national teams represented on FIFA.

As ever, FIFPlay is running a poll to see which national teams the fans want to see most, and so far, Iran is the standout favourites!

There are some higher-ranked nations absent though, with World Cup runners-up Croatia the biggest to be completely missing from the FIFA roster.

Brazil are a unique case though, as they remain in the game but their squad is filled with generic players. We would love this rectified when FIFA 22 comes out later in the year.


Will we see any new leagues arrive in FIFA 22 later this year?

We certainly hope so, especially as we only lost leagues last year.

premier league mason mount new ball
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BIG SHOW - The Premier League is the jewel in EA's crown

We want the Brazilian league back. Any new league is always exciting, but the Brazilian league is a real miss, especially when it remains in the game with generic players.

The FIFPlay vote for new leagues sees the Greek League as a surprise leader, followed by the Hungarian league.



Barcelona's Camp Nou, Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena and Juventus's Allianz Stadium are all exclusive to Konami and PES - so what can EA add or reclaim for FIFA 22?

Promoted clubs from the Championship, like Leeds last year, will see their stadiums appear in FIFA 22 thanks to EA's relationship with the Premier League.

fifa 21 elland road
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BOUNCING - Elland Road was a welcome addition to FIFA 21

It's almost a shoo-in that Norwich and Watford will be promoted, but their stadiums are already in FIFA 21.

The same can be said for Swansea's Liberty Stadium - but Brentford - who lost in the Play-Off Final last year, are in the running once again, along with the likes of Barnsley and Reading.

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