FIFA 22: Captain Fantastic FUT Friendly can provide TOP rewards

The FUT Captains promo has brought many stacked new players to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, including boosts to FUT Heroes and current club captains, as well as many SBCs, with daily ones for Prime Icon Moments cards!

Not just that, but we have seen three new Live FUT Friendlies released during the event, with the latest - Captain Fantastic - bringing a totally different feel to the game.

There have been mixed responses to the latest friendly mode, so take a look at what to expect should you want to complete the objectives.

Objectives, Rewards & Requirements

Before we get to what has really caused a stir with the friendly, let's take a look at the objectives, rewards, and requirements surrounding the game mode.

There has been some confusion as to what the rewards are, as they are only listed as a Player Pick in the game, so we'll straighten some things out.

Captain Fantastic

There are four tasks needed to complete to unlock the full objectives set, with the requirements and rewards as follows:

Suit Up!

  • Score 10 goals in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)

Rewards - 1 x FUT Heroes Club Home Kit, 1 x 75+ Rated Rare Player

Crossing Class

  • Assist 5 goals from Crosses in the Live FUT Friendly: Captain Fantastic, while wearing the FUT Heroes kit

Reward - 1 x 1 of 3 80+ Gold Player

Super Scorer

  • Score 20 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Captain Fantastic, while wearing the FUT Heroes kit

Reward - 1 x 1 of 3 80+ Gold Player

Captain Consistency

  • Score in 8 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Captain Fantastic, while wearing the FUT Heroes kit

Reward - 1 x 1 of 3 80+ Gold Player

Group Reward - 1 x 1 of 3 84+ Gold Player

They aren't top-tier rewards, but free player picks should never be sniffed at, and depending on your luck you could get some brilliant cards!

The Live FUT Friendly: Captain Fantastic game mode has very few restrictions.

It is a Classic Match and you can only have one loan player in your side, but that is it - apart from one other aspect.

As EA put it:

Take a Captain's perspective when competing in the Live FUT Friendly! Match Camera Setting: Pro Camera ONLY

If you haven't played with the Pro Camera setting, you could be in for a surprise!

Wacky View

The Pro Camera setting gives a totally different view from what many are used to, following the controlled player from low down on the pitch and usually behind them.

If you have spent some time doing a Player Career like Be a Pro then you could be more accustomed to the view, however, in those situations, you are usually locked to following just the one player.

When controlling everyone on the team you will need to switch players constantly, which makes the camera swoop across the pitch to follow the newly selected player.

Seeing a still image of the angle (such as in the Tweet above) doesn't give you the full experience of what you're in store for, which can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride!

Sea Legs

Many people on social media have commented that the Pro Camera is making them feel sick and giving them headaches, something we also found when playing through the objectives.

The swinging camera seems to be causing motion sickness for a fair few, who have said they could only play the mode for a short while and don't plan on completing the objectives because of it.

As one Twitter user said:

Kind of cool but the camera swinging around too much makes m(e) nauseous and like I'm gonna throw up

We don't blame them, as it can really spoil your time gaming if the visuals affect you in such a way.

Risk vs Reward

We really like this new FUT Friendly as a concept and are excited to see what EA may experiment with in the future, yet this is one that might not be completed by a lot of people.

The camera angle needs refining for sure. We understand that not everyone will feel the motion sickness, but it seems widespread enough that it should be looked into.

Luckily, if you don't complete the objectives you won't have missed out on major rewards.

Of course, your pack luck could be unreal, but the majority of players will end up with a few throw-away cards to use as SBC fodder.

Our advice, if it makes you feel rough, then don't worry about powering through it.

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