What is the next promo in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

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The Euros and Copa America are over, and with that, the Festival of FUTball and Summer Stars promos will be coming to an end.

However, there's still plenty to be excited about!

FIFA 22 has been announced, and FUTTIES are on the way!

So, check out what you can expect from the next promo in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and when it will be released below.

FUT 21 Next Promo

It's official - FUTTIES will be the next promo in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

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IT'S BACK - The FUTTIES were last seen on FIFA 19

The FUTTIES allows players the opportunity to vote for the special cards they want to see.

The main event in previous years has seen voting take place across 10 categories, with each winner receiving a brand-new special card with boosted stats.

Alongside these new cards, some of the best cards throughout FIFA 21 should also be re-released throughout the promo.

When will the next promo drop in FIFA 21?

FIFA 21's FUTTIES promo will commence on Friday, 16 July.

fifa 21 grealish futties
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SUPER JACK - Could Grealish be in line for a FUTTIES card?

Like all FUT promos, it will kick off at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

On FIFA 19, the promo ran for five weeks - so we could see content all the way through to the 20 August.

Expect to see a fresh "batch" of FUTTIES card released each Friday, which should take us into the next domestic season nicely.

Carvajal vs Manolas

We already have an idea as to who could be appearing in this year's promo, with a vote between Dani Carvajal and Kostas Manolas already going live.

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TAKE YOUR PICK - One of these players will become available via SBC this Friday

A position change item will become available via SBC on Friday, 16 July for the player that receives the most votes.

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SPANISH FIRE - Having Carvajal out wide would offer balance between defence and attack

You receive the base item of whichever player you choose, which can be stored away nicely and used as SBC fodder.

Other Promos which could arrive soon

In previous years we have seen the Summer Heat promo released around this time in the game cycle, so we could see this return once more.

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FEEL THE HEAT - We expect to see something similar to last year's Summer Heat promo

Other promos which we have not seen yet are the Carniball and Shape Shifters events.

Even though we are at a very late stage in the game cycle at this point, we could still see these promos arrive.

FIFA 20 ultimate team shape shifters Ronaldo
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ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: FIFA 20's Shape Shifters promo brought us RW Ronaldo

The Carniball promo celebrates eight festivals from eight different countries and is one of the most hotly anticipated events on FIFA.

The Shape Shifters promo involves positions changes and huge stat boosts for certain players.

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