Summer Stars have arrived in FUT 21’s Festival of FUTball

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The Festival of FUTball promo looks set to continue for the duration of Euro 2020 and Copa America.

More special cards have arrived in the form of Summer Stars too, with some epic new cards released.


Latest news - Summer Stars out now

They are here! The Summer Stars have arrived with some epic new cards, including two new members to the 99 club.

14 new cards all with ratings of 91 OVR or higher are now available in packs, so good luck as we head into an ultra-competitive Weekend League!

Release date

It is now confirmed. The Summer Stars landed on Friday, 2 July.


Whether this is a one-off squad to celebrate the Group Stage we aren't sure, but that would leave room for another squad to be released as a Team of the Knockout Stage in July.

Summer Stars

If you aren't sure what the Summer Stars are, look no further.

A passage from PlayStation's FIFA 21 page reads as follows:

The top individual performers during this month of play will be featured in Summer Stars, where eligible players will receive large permanent upgrades based on how they compete for their team.

To us, this looks like a Team of the Group Stage type squad as it appears to be based on performance.


Large permanent upgrades also suggest an in-form style card, so we are certainly excited to see what EA produces.

99 Club

Two players have been added to the 99 club as part of the Summer Stars release.

Both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been added, and both cards are incredible with huge ratings across the board.

We like the look of CR7's card the most as it is in a central role, meaning there is more variety in how we can fit him into our Ultimate Team.

Take a look at all the Summer Stars cards here.


Path to Glory Upgrades

We've received a second round of Path to Glory Upgrades and owners of Eden Hazard will be getting very excited.

Hazard snr's 95 rating has now risen to 98, Marco Verratti up to 96 - whilst Phil Foden and Marco Acuna are currently sitting on a 96 rating.

One more win for Belgium and Eden Hazard would become just the second 99 rated player in FIFA 22, after Pele.

Check out how Path to Glory cards work right here.