Summer Heat could return to Ultimate Team after Team of the Season

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Team of the Season (TOTS) is almost finished for another year, but could it be followed by the Summer Heat promo event?

Summer Heat was a terrific promo in FIFA 20 packed with content from SBCs and Objectives to re-released special cards from previous events.


Take a look at what you can expect to see if Summer Heat is to make another appearance in Ultimate Team below.

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Release Date

The Team of the Season (TOTS) event is due to finish on Friday, 11 June.

Unless we see anything in the coming days, we expect there to be at least a week off from any promo events after a hectic six weeks in FUT 21.


However, EURO 2020 kicks off on that Friday which would be perfect timing for a new internationally-themed event to arrive.

This could come in the form of Summer Heat which we saw last year but tailored towards the international tournaments that are taking place this summer.

Summer Heat

As you can probably guess by the name, Summer Heat arrived in the Summer last year!

Summer technically starts on Monday, 21 June this year which is not far away, but will we see a repeat of the promo?

summer showdown fifa 21 masuaku trezeguet
BACK AGAIN - Could we see a return of Summer Showdowns

There is still a long way to go until FIFA 22, so we don’t expect EA to exhaust their resources and continue to release great cards straight off the back of Team of the Season.


We saw the Summer Heat promo arrive in FIFA 20 on 17 June - replacing the usual FUTTIES promo, and it brought back some of the best cards we'd seen in the game.


Expect the big hitters to be involved if Summer Heat does make a return this season.

There is still room for improvement on the Team of the Season cards, so we are expecting something to come along that will see more players join Pele with a 99 OVR.


Last year we saw upgradeable cards like Bruno Fernandes become available, alongside loads of SBCs, objectives, and plenty of great cards from promo events that had taken place already.

fernandes fifa 20 summer heat
GOLDEN BOY - Fernandes was a top player in FIFA 20 Summer Heat

We hope this trend continues because there are some special cards we would love to see back in packs or re-released as SBCs.

Lille and Portugal midfielder Renato Sanches is a popular man in FUT 21, so having his FUT Birthday card back available would be a great result.


There is likely to be an Ultimate Team of the Week squad released at some point before the season is up too, so expect to see the best in-form cards return for a short period of time.