Shape Shifters promo could shake things up on FUT 21

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EA has released several great promo events on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team already, but what is coming up next.

Shape Shifters is one of the promos that we have seen released in the past, but what is it all about?


Take a look at what you can expect from the possible Shape Shifters below.

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Latest - FUT Player Days

EA has introduced FUT Player Days this week on Ultimate Team, and the Transfer Market has taken a hit.

The free gifts and discounted promo packs have been great so far, and we are sure to see more released throughout the week.


Release Date

EA followed up the Future Stars promo with the What If event, but this ends on Wednesday, 10 March.

What event could be up next though?

There are plenty of promos to choose from, including the Winter Refresh, Ones to Watch and Carniball which we have seen around this time of the year before.


FUT Birthday is also a regular promo, but we think that will arrive later in the month on Friday, 26 March.

The Shape Shifters promo is also one of the events in contention, and could commence on Friday, 12 March, or be completely canned. We just don’t know yet.

Shape Shifters

Last year we saw the Shape Shifters promo for the first time, and it looks like it might be the last too.

It feels like EA have a lot to pack into a short period of time over the next few weeks, so Shape Shifters may get left out in place of the potential return of the Carniball event.

shape shifters fifa 20
STAR OF THE SHOW - Messi headlined the event last year

The promo last year included both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as players received new positions and ratings.


There was plenty of pace on offer too, with the slowest player in the promo boasting 78 Pace.


If the Shape Shifters promo does return on FIFA 21, there are some players we would love to see released in new positions.

Marcelo was one of the key names (aside from Ronaldo and Messi) in the promo, and he was transformed into a 91 OVR CAM.

romelu lukaku shape shifters fifa 21 concept
POWERHOUSE - Lukaku would be a tough winger to stop

We would love to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku try their hand in defence, although this is a more drastic change than we saw season.

More likely would be a winger, good puck to any full back marking one of those two at the back post.