FIFA 21 Editions: Limited Ajax Cover Revealed!

EA have announced a brand new Ajax Special Edition FIFA 21, which looks like a must-have for all Dutch FIFA fanatics!

Keep reading to check out what the new cover looks like.

EA Reveal Limited Ajax Edition

As you can see below, EA has unveiled a brand new FIFA 21 Ajax Edition - but what does this limited edition actually include?

Fifa 21 ajax limited edition 1 1 1
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DUTCH COURAGE: Get ready to face FIFA 21 head on with this new Ajax Special Edition

Well, on the face of it, it seems that this Edition adds purely an aesthetic bonus.

Both the Standard and Champions Editions are available for every platform, and will arrive with a classy steelbook cover.

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The Limited Ajax Edition is now available to pre-order from the official Ajax Store, but act fast as Ajax merch tends to sell out very quickly!

More Special Editions to come?

PES has often stuck to the formula of releasing club editions featuring their exclusive partnerships, with clubs such as Arsenal and Bayern Munich.

Most recently, they've announced their new deal with AS Roma!

Although we've not often seen many club editions from past FIFAs, could this be the first of a new trend for EA?

Last year EA released a Dortmund Edition, alongside their Ajax version, but could we see something different such as a limited edition for cover star Mbappe's team, PSG?

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