FIFA 21 Digital Sales biggest in the franchise's history

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After reports earlier in the week that physical sales for FIFA 21 were at an all-time low, EA will at least be buoyed by the fact the game received the most ever digital downloads in the series.

Is FIFA back?

The UK Digital Charts states that launch sales of the digital version of the game were almost a third (31%) higher than they were for FIFA 20.

Despite EA rolling out three title updates and having to push Weekend League back this week, the game has been well-received by the community - despite users "bombing" the game on Metacritic.

That said, physical sales were down by 42% - meaning it's an overall 11% loss on FIFA 20.

Sign of the times

We shouldn't be too surprised at the numbers here, really.

For one, the ease of simply downloading a game to your console makes it the preferred method of purchasing titles nowadays.

Secondly, the coronavirus pandemic has surely put a dent in gamers going to their local store to pick up a copy of their favourite game.

What's more, the arrival of Next Gen consoles (and some seriously blurred lines about backwards compatibility) make it far easier to purchase the game onto your library and then download once again on either PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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