FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The Best 20k Team – Vardy, Willian, Ndombele & more

A solid team to build if you’re just starting out that can still do some serious damage in division Rivals.

by ayesports

Whether you’ve sold up your Squad for Black Friday, or you’ve just picked up a copy of FIFA 20 and you’re looking for a nice starter squad – we’ve built you a lovely 20k team that can do some damage in Division Rivals.



For this squad we set up in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation, giving us plenty of attacking threat.

Ralf Fahrmann (OVR 80)

Age: 31

Position: GK

Club: Norwich City

Country: Germany

Best stats: 82 diving, 84 reflexes, 79 handling

Cost: 800 PS4 / 750 Xbox One

Ralf Fahrmann recently made the move to the Premier League, moving to Norwich City on-loan from Schalke in the summer.

For anyone who played FIFA 18 or 19, you’ll know how solid and reliable Fahrmann is in FUT. He doesn’t have the most impressive card in terms of stats, but he is a solid man to have between the sticks due to his towering 6’6” frame. Our new number 1.

Joe Gomez (OVR 80)

Age: 22

Position: CB

Club: Liverpool

Country: England

Best stats: 85 acceleration, 81 interceptions, 82 standing tackle

Cost: 1,100 PS4 / 1,400 Xbox One

As most England fans know, Joe Gomez is one for the future. Having broken partially into the Liverpool first team in the past 12 months, the young England international is set up to have an exciting career.

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His FUT card does not disappoint. He’s tall, fast and strong, and is a total bargain for 1,000 coin mark. Equip him with a Shadow chemistry style and you’ll boost his pace to 93, and his defending to an intimidating 88. 


Nathan Ake (OVR 80)

Age: 24

Position: CB

Club: Bournemouth

Country: Netherlands

Best stats: 81 interceptions, 82 standing tackle, 86 jumping

Cost: 950 PS4 / 900 Xbox One

Nathan Ake has been great for Bournemouth since joining from Chelsea in 2017. The young Dutchman finds himself on the fringes of the Netherlands national team, but recently he has featured more often than not.

Ake’s FUT card is great. A lot of people might overlook him because of his relatively small stature for a centre back, but don’t let that fool you. He is fast, strong and will find a way to hinder almost every dangerous attack your opponent can throw at you. Stick an Anchor Chemistry style on him and boost his pace, defending and physical stats.

Luke Shaw (OVR 81)

Age: 24

Position: LB

Club: Manchester United

Country: England

Best stats: 82 pace, 81 stamina, 82 aggression

Cost: 1,800 PS4 / 2,200 Xbox One

Luke Shaw is usually underrated when it comes to Premier League left backs. Moving to Manchester United in 2014 he has often failed to reach the form and consistency he achieved at Southampton.

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His FUT card however, is consistently very good. 82 means he can get up and down the wing comfortably, and with passing stats in the mid 70s, he is dangerous in the final third. Give him an Anchor Chemistry style and boost his pace to 87, his defending to 89, and his physicals to 83.


DeAndre Yedlin (OVR 76)

Age: 26

Position: RWB

Club: Newcastle United

Country: United States

Best stats: 92 acceleration, 92 sprint speed, 85 agility

Cost: 900 PS4 / 1,100 Xbox One

DeAndre Yedlin joined Newcastle in 2016 from Spurs, after ironically spending most of the 15/16 season on loan at the Magpie’s rivals, Sunderland. Since then he has amassed nearly 100 appearances for Newcastle, scoring a few goals along the way.

His FUT card is rapid. It’s as simple as that. He’s one of the fastest wingbacks in the game, and with 85 agility, he’s super fun to use. Equip him with a Sentinel Chemistry style to boost his defending and physical stats and you’re on to a winner.

Tanguy Ndombele (OVR 81)

Age: 22

Position: CM

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: France

Best stats: 84 acceleration, 80 stamina, 86 balance

Cost: 1,400 PS4 / 1,400 Xbox One

Ndombele has had a stop start season for Tottenham so far, not quite able to achieve the form that seen him earn his big money move from Lyon in the summer. 

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Don’t let that affect your opinion of his FUT card though! Ndombele is super reliable in FIFA 20, and can play as either a CDM or full box-to-box midfielder. Although it may be tempting to use a Shadow on him, giving him a Powerhouse Chemistry style is the smart choice, boosting his passing to 87 and his defending to 80.

Jesse Lingard (OVR 82)

Age: 26

Position: CAM

Club: Manchester United

Country: England

Best stats: 82 acceleration, 86 agility, 84 balance

Cost: 1,400 PS4 / 1,500 Xbox One

Love him or hate him, Jesse Lingard is a baller. Having played for Manchester United since the age of eight and having amassed over 120 first team appearances for United, there is no doubting Lingard’s footballing pedigree. 

His FUT card is very good too. Most impressively he has a great combination of balance and agility, which make him very easy to control and dangerous in the opposition’s half. Give him a Deadeye Chemistry style and his shooting stats go through the roof (99 positioning, 92 finishing, 91 shot power).

Wilfred Ndidi (OVR 81)

Age: 22

Position: CDM

Club: Leicester City

Country: Nigeria

Best stats: 92 stamina, 84 interceptions, 85 aggression

Cost: 750 PS4 / 750 Xbox One

Wilfred Ndidi joined Leicester in 2017, the year after Kante left, taking up his position as defensive general in midfield. A tough act to follow. 100 games and six goals later, so far so good for the young Nigerian.

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Ndidi’s FUT card is excellent with some calling him the poor man’s Kante, due to the similarity in their cards’ stats. Fast, strong and defensively minded, slap a Shadow on this card and you’ve got yourself one of the best, cheap CDMs in the game.

Ryan Fraser (OVR 81)

Age: 25

Position: LM

Club: Bournemouth

Country: Scotland

Best stats: 92 acceleration, 95 agility, 96 balance

Cost: 1,900 PS4 / 1,800 Xbox One

Affectionately known as “The Wee Man” among Bournemouth and Scotland fans, Ryan Fraser is currently showcasing his talents at the highest level in the Premier League, attracting the attention of clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

In FUT he is very fun to use. Rapid pace and incredibly high agility and balance means he can weave in and out of defences with ease. Give him a Deadeye Chemistry style to boost his shooting and you’re on to a winner. A very good card.

Willian (OVR 82)

Age: 31

Position: RW

Club: Chelsea

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 88 acceleration, 87 agility, 88 dribbling

Cost: 4,200 PS4 / 4,700 Xbox One

Having joined Chelsea from Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala in 2013, Willian has enjoyed his longest spell at any one club at Stamford Bridge, playing over 200 games and banging in over 30 goals.

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In FIFA 20, Willian has a very impressive card, and despite being downgraded from last year, it still packs a punch. Impressive acceleration, agility and dribbling make this card a lot of fun to use, and when you deploy him with an Engine Chemistry style you best him even more.

The most expensive card in our team and maybe the most important.

Jamie Vardy (OVR 82)

Age: 32

Position: ST

Club: Leicester City

Country: England

Best stats: 88 sprint speed, 87 aggression, 85 finishing

Cost: 2,500 PS4 / 2,900 Xbox One

Everyone knows who Jamie Vardy is, having risen to the pinnacle of English football from the depths non-league football in the space of a few years.

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In FUT, Vardy is still one of the best, cheap, attacking options in the Premier League. Rapid, with excellent positioning stats, he is always in the right place to slot it away. Give him a Sniper Chemistry style and take his shooting stats to the next level with 99 finishing. 

If you’ve untradeable players in your club, and want to upgrade, it might be possible to complete the Jamie Vardy Player of the Month SBC, and upgrade your 82 gold rated card, to fancy looking 86 rated version. 

The Full Lineup

And there it is, one of the most effective 20,000 coin FUT teams available at the moment. 

BEST OF THE REST: Cheap doesn’t always mean bad…

Set both strikers to Stay Forward and Get in Behind. This will ensure our pacy attackers will constantly make runs behind opposition defenders, allowing us to use their strengths to our advantage.

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Depending on how attacking you want to play, we can set LM and RM to Stay Forward and Cut Inside, or Come Back on Defence and Stay Wide. With this set up both options will be effective, so why not try them both out and see what suits you play style best.

As always we set our CDM, LB and RB to Stay Back While Attacking, and we’re good to go!

Have fun!

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