FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The Best 10k Team – Wendel, Juan Jesus, Diaz & more

This team will tide you over for the Black Friday period. It’s fast, well-rounded, and cheap as chips.

by ayesports

With Black Friday right around the corner, and the countless promos that come with it, it might be a great time to sell up and hold on to your coins. During this time, the market often takes a dip because so many people are opening packs, increasing their supply. 

We built you a great 10k team to tide you over for the time being. It’s fast, well-rounded, and cheap as chips. What’s not to like?



We set up our new squad in the 4-3-3 (3) formation with two CDMs and a lone CM.

Alessio Cragno (OVR 81)

Age: 25

Position: GK

Club: Calgari

Country: Italy

Best stats: 88 reflexes, 84 diving, 76 positioning

Cost: 800 PS4 / 700 Xbox One

Cragno is the first choice keeper at Serie A side Calgari, and so far he has had an incredible season. Calgari find themselves highflying at the moment, currently sitting 4th in the league – Cragno is on top form, having only conceded 14 goals all season.

A very well rounded goalkeeper card with stats in all the right places, Cragno is a great pick up for discard value. Our new number 1. 

Jeison Murillo (OVR 79)

Age: 27

Position: CB

Club: Sampdoria

Country: Columbia

Best stats: 88 jumping, 88 aggression, 81 interceptions

Cost: 700 PS4 / 700 Xbox One

Jeison Murillo is a top player. Having played at Inter Milan, Valencia and Barcelona, the Columbian finds himself on-loan at Sampdoria in the Serie A.

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From a FIFA 20 perspective, Murillo has a solid card, for one so cheap. Strong physical and defending stats partnered with very good pace means he will stand up against even the best defenders. Give him an Anchor chemistry style and boost him to an 86 OVR CB in-game. 

Juan Jesus (OVR 76)

Age: 28

Position: CB

Club: Roma

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 88 jumping, 88 aggression, 75 sprint speed

Cost: 800 PS4 / 700 Xbox One

Juan Jesus currently plays his football at AS Roma, having moved from Inter Milan in 2016. A versatile defender who can play both CB and LB, Jesus is part of the backbone of our new team.

At first glance, Juan Jesus’ card is nothing special, but use a Sentinel chemistry style on him and you will transform him into, well, a sentinel. With this chemistry style his 74 pace is unchanged, but we see his defence and physical ratings boosted to a very acceptable 87 and 85 respectively. 

Frank Fabra (OVR 78)

Age: 28

Position: LB

Club: Buenos Aires

Country: Colombia

Best stats: 88 acceleration, 90 sprint speed, 90 stamina

Cost: 800 PS4 / 950 Xbox One

Frank Fabra has played in Colombia his entire career. Starting as a youth at Boca Juniors, he moved around with stints at Evigado, Deportivo Cali and Independiente Medellin, before returning to Boca.

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For a 78 rated card, Fabra is great. Excellent pace and decent dribbling means he has an attacking side to his game too. Deploy him with an Anchor chemistry style and boost his pace to 94, his defence to 81, and his physical to 84. A bargain, but a baller.

Rafael (OVR 78)

Age: 29

Position: RB

Club: Lyon

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 82 acceleration, 81 stamina, 85 aggression

Cost: 850 PS4 /  950 Xbox One

Everyone remembers Rafael, and his twin brother Fabio, from their time at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson. The Brazilian now plays his football in France, at Lyon, where he has played nearly 100 times for Les Gones.

Fabio’s FUT card is as you would expect – decent. He has good pace for a non-rare gold card and equally good passing, dribbling, defending and physicals. Whack an Anchor chemistry style on him and his pace, defence and physicals go to 84, 84, and 83. Not bad for 800 coins!

Mateus Uribe (OVR 76)

Age: 28

Position: CM

Club: FC Porto

Country: Colombia

Best stats: 92 stamina, 77 ball control, 77 short passing

Cost: 550 PS4 / 400 Xbox One

Mateus Uribe is relatively unknown, currently playing his football at Portuguese side Porto – however, in 2017 he has amassed an impressive 26 caps for his national side Colombia, against stiff competition in midfield.

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His FUT card is solid to say the least. Well rounded in terms of stats, he has no real weaknesses for a card of his value. Equip him with a Guardian chemistry style and boost his dribbling and defence to 80 and 79, and give yourself a box-to-box midfielder for only 500 coins. 

Wendel (OVR 77)

Age: 22

Position: CM

Club: Sporting CP

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 85 shot power, 83 long shots, 82 composure

Cost: 450 PS4 / 500 Xbox One

Wendel moved to Portugal last year after signing for Sporting CP, from Brazilian side Fluminese. Since then he has played a total of 32 games at the heart of The Lions’ midfield.

Besides linking our Brazilians Juan Jesus (Serie A) and Rafael (Ligue 1), Wendel can score goals. Don’t let his non-rare card fool you. Slap a Marksman chemistry style on him and boost his already impressive long shot and shot power stats to 93 and 90. 

Gedson Fernandes (OVR 76)

Age: 20

Position: CM

Club: SL Benfica

Country: Portugal

Best stats: 80 acceleration, 80 shot power, 84 stamina

Cost: 500 PS4 / 400 Xbox One

Gedson Fernandes is only 20 and is already making a name in Portugal for his abilities – he’s featured for the Portuguese national side from U15, all the way to the first team in the space of 5 years.

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For a player so young, Gedson’s card is really good in all areas. With no stat below 70, Gedson is set to be a FUT card for the future. Give him an Engine chemistry card and boost his pace to 84, his passing to 79, and his dribbling to 84. At 500 coins it’s another no-brainer.

Luis Diaz (OVR 75)

Age: 22

Position: LM

Club: FC Porto

Country: Colombia

Best stats: 91 acceleration, 92 sprint speed, 89 agility

Cost: 700 PS4 / 650 Xbox One

Another young Colombian making his mark on European football, Diaz singed for Porto this year for a fee of just under £6 million. Having already played 14 times for his national side’s first team, he’s definitely one to watch over the coming years.

Diaz’s FUT card is simply fun to use. Blessed with lightning quick pace, he also has an incredible 89 agility, which means he can weave in and out of defences at ease. Four star skills and a four star weak foot add to the enjoyment, and when you consider you can boost his agility to 99 with a Sniper chemistry card, for only 700 coins he’s a steal.

Tiquinho Soares (OVR 79)

Age: 28

Position: ST

Club: FC Porto

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 90 aggression, 85 sprint speed, 83 positioning

Cost: 750 PS4 / 800 Xbox One

From young Porto we move to established Porto star, Fransisco Soares. The 28 year old has played for no less than 14 clubs during his colourful career, scoring goals wherever he goes.

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Soares’ FUT card is central to our team, and looking at his stats, it’s easy to see why. He’s tall, fast, and physical, which means he’s a nightmare to defend against, and a joy to control. Boost him with a Hunter Chemistry style and you’ll have a striker with 92 pace and 81 shooting on your hands. 

Jesus Corona (OVR 81)

Age: 26

Position: RM

Club: FC Porto

Country: Mexico

Best stats: 88 acceleration, 91 agility, 90 dribbling

Cost: 700 PS4 / 700 Xbox One

Since 2014, Corona has established himself as a regular for his national side, Mexico. Deployed either as a right wing back or right winger, he is a versatile player with plenty of flair.

His FUT card is no different. Five star skills and a five star weak foot mean not only is he a load of fun to play with, he’s dangerous from almost anywhere. Use a Hawk chemistry style on Corona and boost his pace to 88 and his dribbling and physical to 76 and 59 respectively.

The Full Lineup

BARGAIN BASEMENT: Don’t be fooled by the low ratings, this team knows how to play.

And that’s the team. 5 nations, 4 leagues, 5 star skills, youth, experience, and only 8,000 coins. 

As always, we recommend setting fullbacks to Stay Back While Attacking, but if you want more attacking options Borja and Rafael are more than capable going forward to join the attack. 

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We leave our central midfielders to Get Forward and Come Back on Defence, while we set out Wingers to Get in Behind and Cut Inside. 

Put this four league hybrid squad together and try it our while you work out where you want to spend your coins next. Happy Black Friday!


ayesports, aka Luke Crawford, is a freelance creative and Twitch partner, based in London. When he's not making stuff for brands like Nike, Honda, you can find him streaming FIFA Ultimate Team on Twitch.