FIFA 20: How to score new Free Kicks on the game – everything from Knuckleball, Top Spin, Curved to Low Driven Shots

This year the team at EA have changed everything, so here’s how to master the new technique.

Julian-Sims by Julian Sims

Free kicks have been incredibly tough to score in recent iterations of the FIFA series, so it is great to see set pieces get a reform for FIFA 20.

Depending on how you flick the analogue stick, you will be able to add Curve or Topspin to your free kick. Players can also pull off Low Driven and Knuckleball free kicks (we cover this in detail below).


Select your Free Kick taker

Select a player with suitable attributes for the position of your free kick. Hold down R2 (RT for Xbox One) to select a player, looking at their Power (PWR), Accuracy (FKA) and Curve (CRV) stats.

Adjust your run up

By flicking the right analogue stick to either side, you can adjust the angle of your run up. Players can choose between a default, straight or side run up to add more whip to their shot.

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Aim with Shot Indicator

Utilise the new Shot Indicator feature to visualise where your shot will go. Keep in mind your desired amount of spin when aiming, as the shot indicator does not take spin into account.


Power up your shot

Once you have aimed your free kick in the desired direction, use the O button (B for Xbox One) to determine the power of your shot.

Holding the button for longer will add more power to your shot, but also add more variance to the direction of it (the variance of a shot can be reduced by successfully using the Timed Finish feature).

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All the new free kicks


Optimum range: Short

Required attributes: High Curve

Aim around a metre outside of the near post max. 2-3 bars of power. Move RS sideways, in direction of player’s back, then around towards their running direction, like you’re wrapping it around the wall.

Top Spin

Optimum range: Short

Required attributes: High FKA, Low Curve

Reticule just above the top corner behind the wall, or in line with the crossbar. 2 bars of power. Flick RS straight down then straight up. Move R quickly for more spin.


Optimum range: Short

Required attributes: High FKA, High Curve

Use LS to aim one metre outside of near post (as with Curl free kicks). Use a straight run up. 2-3 bars of power. Move RS down, then up and around towards their running direction. Same as Curl free kicks, just opposite feet.


Optimum range: Either

Required attributes: High Power, High FKA

Aim for near side of goal with LS, around the top corner behind the wall. 2-3 bars of power depening on distance. Move RS straight down, but then around like a mix of the dipping free kick and the curl free kick.


Optimum range: Long

Required attributes: High Power, High FKA

Aim for the top corner on near side behind the wall, around crossbar height. Load 2-3 bars of power depending on distance. Flight RS straight down, then up, then back down again quickly.

Dummy Pass

 Optimum range: Very Short

 Required attributes: Any

 Call both players with L2 and R1. Perform ‘fake shot’ skill. Press Triangle / Y and point LS at the player as they step over the ball.

Julian Sims