FIFA 20 Reddit: Cheap FUT ICONs Reviews

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FUT ICONs are the pinnacle of the game mode, with most players desperate to get their hands on at least one ICON card to bolster their team.

With some of the highest ratings on the game, as well as 100 chemistry with any player, they are unsurprisingly super expensive.


Luckily for us, Reddit user u/Masspoint has shared their research on the cheap(er) ICON cards to sign on FUT.

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Cheap ICONs Reviews

Vieri - OVR 88, Cost: 430,000 PS4, 440,000 Xbox

Vieri's 91 strength makes him an unstoppable force once he get's going; his pace is ok, but his finishing is next level. As you'd expect he is very strong in the air, helped by his superb positioning. His slow turning is made up for by his strong dribbling and passing.

Overmars - OVR 88, Cost: 678,000 PS4, 598,000 Xbox


The Arsenal legend has insane pace, with strong finishing and a five star weak foot. His strength means he isn't great in a tussle, so utilise his dribbling to beat defenders.

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Shevchenko - OVR 88, Cost: 575,000 PS4, 535,000 Xbox

Shevchenko's combination of fantastic positioning, good dribbling and decent speed and passing makes for a formidable FUT card. His finishing is exceptional, he's strong on the ball and he's not too bad in the air.

Rui Costa - OVR 88, Cost: 500,000 PS4, 461,000 Xbox


Costa's strength and dribbling makes him powerful with the ball and his passing is flawless.With good positioning, speed and finishing, 88 Rui Costa is a solid FUT card.

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Butragueno - OVR 87, Cost: 890,000 PS4, 940,000 Xbox

Butragueno has very good dribbling and a decent speed. Unfortunately, he's bullied off the ball easily, but his finishing is good enough to consider including him in your FUT squad.

Nakata - OVR 86, Cost: 335,000 PS4, 330,000 Xbox


Nakata is strong on the ball, with decent speed and finishing. Long shot are a slight let down, but his passing makes up for it. Just be wary of his medium attacking and defensive work rates.

Again, all credit goes to u/Masspoint and you can find his full post here.

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If you're on the hunt for FUT ICONs, it's also worth noting that you can redeem ICON swaps through completing First Owner Objectives.

EA have stated that they plan to use First Owner Objectives throughout FUT 20, including for select ICON Swaps Objectives, which start today (11th Oct).

ICON Swaps have been introduced in FUT 20. They are a new way to allow players to unlock select ICONs in exchange for Player Tokens which can be earned by completing objectives you exchange.

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Simply put:

  1. Complete First Owner Objectives to earn Player Tokens.
  2. Receive Player Tokens.
  3. Redeem for ICON Rewards available in a Swaps release.

So there you have it, if you don't have the coins for the top ICONs, the players above will still serve your team well, or alternatively you could complete First Owner Objectives to redeem ICON rewards.

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